Rajamouli’s Enthralling Story For Budding Players

Rajamouli tells budding players about the importance of single-mindedness and diligence to achieve success.

Visakhapatnam: After sweating it out in the sets for years together, Bahubali director Rajamouli had a playtime in the coastal city on Friday. He played badminton with budding players for a while after inaugurating Lakshya Sports Academy at Vadlapudi.

Rajamouli, after the game, told a story from the Bharatam, to the enthralling players and all those present at the occasion, much like the same way he did through Baahubali sequel.

“Arjuna replied that he could see only the eyes of the bird when Dronacharya asked him what he could see in front of him. Arjuna was single-minded. His eyes completely were set on the target. He did not even turn his eyes towards any other object, including the tree on which the bird was perched,” he said.

Adding that only those who have single-minded focus on their targets could achieve success, he implicitly revealed the real secret behind Bahubali’s spectacular success at box office.

“Diligence and focus are the two characteristics one must have to be successful in one’s life,” he told.

Rajamouli advised the badminton aspirants to practice meditation for achieving focus. His childhood friend and National Institute of Sports (NIS) trained Coach MV Murali Krishna owns the academy.

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