Rajamouli Urges Kannadigas To Allow Bahubali Screening

As pro-Kannada groups called for a Karnataka bandh on the release date of Bahubali 2, the director of the film SS Rajamouli released a video on social media urging them to allow the screening.

Hyderabad: As the release date of Magnum Opus of Indian cinema, ‘Bahubali2: the Conclusion’ is fast approaching, the controversial comments of actor Satyaraj about nine years ago are creatingA� problems for the film in Karnataka. On Wednesday, pro-Kannada groups called for a Karnataka bandh on April 28 to protest against the screening of the film.

Sensing the problem, SS Rajamouli the director of the film released a new video statement in social media seeking the support of Kannadigas to release the film. Saying they were aware that the comments made by Satyaraj hurt the sentiments of many Kannada friends, he clarified that they were his personal views and neither he (Rajamouli)nor the producers of Bahubali agree with them orA� support them.

As the comments were made almost nine years ago, he urged them not to target the film. He also explained that many of Satyaraja��s films including Bahubali-1 were released in Karnataka. He further said, since Satyaraj is neither director nor producer of the movie, he wouldna��t suffer any losses if the film is stalled in Karnataka.

a�?It is unfair to target the movie because of some comments he made. I request everyone to support Bahubali 2 like part one.a�?

He said he had spoken to SatyarajA� and informedA� him of the situation and clarified that they have nothing to do with his comments.

Explaining that the film and those who worked for it do not have anything to do with the issue, he requested the protestors and Kannadigas to not to put all the crew in trouble. He also expressed his helplessness that he doesna��t have the power to do anything other than making a humble appeal. Some comments on Cauvery water issue also have been talked about in the context of the agitation against the movie.

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