Raj Tharun of a�?Cinema Choopista Mavaa��-Fame Enters Kollywood

Hyderabad: The present generation audiences can easily identify the young hero Raj Tharun. It may be recalled here that Raj Tharun made his debut through a�?Uyyala Jampalaa�� jointly produced by D Sureshbabu, Akkineni Nagarjuna and P Rammohan. The film was instant hit. Surprisingly his next film a�?Cinema Choopista Mavaa�� and a�?Kumari 21Fa�� have also achieved a positive talk.

Though he got a bump with a�?Sitamma Andalu Ramayya Sitralua��, he immediately recovered with a�?Eedo Rakam Aado Rakama��. Once again his film a�?Majnua�� did not get a positive talk. But a�?Kittu Unnadu Jagrathaa�� has become an average grosser. In this backdrop, Raj Tharun is planning to test his waters by making debut into a Tamil film titled a�?Balloona�� by doing a cameo appearance. Its director Sinish contacted Rat Tharun to make a special appearance in his film and narrated his character and also the story. Satisfied with the narration, Raj Tharun has agreed to do a cameo as a goodwill gesture.

He had been to Chennai for a daya��s shooting and his entire character was shot in a single day. a�?Balloona�� features Jai of a�?Journeya��-fame, Ajali and Janani Iyer in the lead cast. The film is being made as a bilingual and the film would be released in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. As of now, Raj Tharun is on a success tour to various theatres in AP and TS to promote his film a�?Kittu Unnadu Jagrathaa��

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