Rahul Takes TPCC To Poll Mode

Rahul Gandhi’s direct and vitriolic attack on KCR and his family at his massive rally at Sangareddy on Thursday has set the squabbling Congress leaders in Telangana in an election mode.

Hyderabad: The blistering attack on TRSa�� 3-year rule and its supremo K Chandrasekhara Rao by AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi at a well-attended public meeting at Sangareddy was a morale booster for the faction-ridden TPCC. With this meeting andA� the scathing attack, Rahul has taken the state wing to the poll mode and also given the state government a warning that it cannot simply brush the century-old party off.

Rahul has deviated from his usual soft stance and made a focused attack which was aimed directly at KCR, who completes three years in office on June 2. The savage speech, perhaps keeping in mind that TRS would go alone in 2019 elections, came a week after BJP national president Amit Shah making a similar vitriolic attack.

Rahul targeted youth and students, who, according to survey reports, are the most dissatisfied lot on KCRa��s rule. He knew pretty well that the students, who fought for the statehood and also laid down their lives, can revolt against the government in a big way. He has repeatedly used the word a�?family rulea�? and a�?reaping the harvest by four-members of a familya�?( viz KCR, KTR, Kavita and Harish Rao) thereby attacking the core group. Rahula��s pungent criticism that KCR is squandering the public money for personal pleasure and that the government is working for the interests of contractors and land mafia have gone down well into the masses, Sravan, the Congress leader who translated Rahula��s speech, felt.

But Rahula��s remark that Telangana has become a graveyard of farmers will spark a row and the TRS would certainly make it an issue.

It might be recalled that Rahula��s role was very vital in the run up to granting of statehood three years ago. Congress expected that it can tie up with TRS and seize power in the new state but KCRa��s shrewd political game made them numb stuck and finally the party was reduced to sit in Opposition.A� Understanding that KCR was a hard nut to crack, Congress has now decided to chart its own course and with BJP too flexing its muscles, a three-cornered contest seems inevitable in 2019- with TDP almost dead in the state.

Giving direction to TPCC right from the stage at Sangareddy, Rahul asked the state leadership to start an agitation a�?to realize the dreams of Telangana peoplea��. He asked them to knock every door in the state and enquire their needs and give an assurance that Congress would provide them everything they dreamt and all they need. But will the TPCC,A� with leaders pulling in different directions, stand united and come to his expectations?

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