Rahul has to do Homework Before Speaking: Venkaiah

HYDERABAD: Union Minister for Urban Development & Parliamentary Affairs Venkaiah Naidu here on Sunday lashed out at the Congress party for its double standards.

Speaking to media here, Naidu pointed out that according to National Crime Records Bureau data, over 1.6 lakh distressed farmers had committed suicides as a last resort during the ten-year rule of Congress-led UPA government at the center.

a�?Neither the Congress president nor the vice-president bothered to visit them nor did undertake any kisan Padayatra, then. Why shedding crocodile tears now? Why not then? Thata��s the simple question of anybodya��s understandinga�?, he fumed.

In a rebuff to Rahula��s pungent remarks against Modi and Chandrasekhar Rao during his recent visit to Adilabad district, the Union minister said, a�?Rahul needs to do some homework before he speaks and criticizes others or need to change his script writersa�?. Pointing out that ministers of Telangana and central ministers of NDA had visited farmers, who were in distress, he asked a�?Where was the Congress vice-president then?

Naidu also reminded that during the Congress regime, over two-lakh acres of farmland, mostly in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Haryana, was acquired from farmers and handed over to industries, businessmen and for SEZs at very nominal compensation. But now, the BJP-led NDA Government increased the compensation by four times besides providing a job per family. a�?Why the hue and cry by the Congress?, he asked.

Naidu reiterated that farmersa�� suicides took place in large scale in the last decade during the Congressa�� rule, but still it has audacity to criticize others. He further reminded that while the compensation for crop loss was only 1,20,000 rupees during Congress regime, the Modi government raised it to Four-lakh rupees. a�?How can you criticize that decision also?a�? he asked. (NSS)

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