Rahul Gandhi’s Visit To AP: Will He Apologize On Bifurcation Woes?

AICC vice-president Rahul Gandhi is visiting the State today for the first time after bifurcation. The State has been suffering for the unjust bifurcation executed by the Congress-led UPA. They have given assets and revenue for TS, besides Hyderabad and leaving AP on the roads.
Rahul Gandhi’s Visit To AP: Will He Apologize On Bifurcation Woes?

Krishna Kishore

Amaravati: It is three years now the State was bifurcated by the Congress-led UPA with the conditional backing of the BJP-led NDA. The two parties, with an understanding and mutual support, have passed the AP Reorganisation Act 2014, closing the doors, switching off the cameras for telecast and even beating up the AP MPs on the floor of the House. The world’s largest Democracy which lives in Parliament had witnessed the murkiest scenes ever, including the infamous Pepper Spray and the Bill was finally passed.

All the existing assets, of both the State and the Central government, were given to the Telangana, leaving nothing for AP, except the promise of a list of 12 Central institutions to be established in the State over a period of 10 years, besides ‘examining’ the possibility of establishing a few more. The revenue too was left to the Telangana, leaving AP with a whopping revenue deficit of Rs 16,000 crore. The capital Hyderabad was given to TS and was made a joint capital for a period of 10 years, leaving AP to find its own capital.

The youth have lost their education and employment opportunities in Hyderabad, a city that had turned out to be the America for thousands of families of Seemandhra, as it was called at the time of bifurcation. The hopes of these families have been shattered and it would take at least half-a-decade for the State to have a city like Hyderabad with opportunities for education and employment.

The Congress which had promised Special Category Status for five years and the BJP which wanted it for 10 years and the TDP that lobbied it for 15 years have all gone back betraying the people. The Congress did not give a Constitutional guarantee for the SCS that had come in handy for the BJP to deny it. The BJP leadership must have had pressure from other States that investments from their States too would go to AP if the SCS is given and that must have been the reason for the Modi government to go back on the SCS promise. The TDP had compromised on whatever the Modi government says about the State and it has its own reasons for that.

Now, Rahul Gandhi, who heads the party that had bifurcated the State, owes and explanation to the people of the State on his first visit. He should first apologize for the manner in which the State was bifurcated and he should apologize for the UPA government’s failure to give Constitutional status to the SCS demand. He can then speak about the failures of the BJP-TDP in doing justice to the State and people after bifurcation. Any criticism by him on NDA, particularly with reference to the AP, by Rahul Gandhi is welcome only if he tendered apologies to the people on the bifurcation woes, which happened during his party-led coalition’s regime.

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