Rahul Gandhi Will Not Visit Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: There seems to be no end to changes in Rahul Gandhi’s Telangana itinerary.A�After postponing the trip twice, Rahul is finally visiting Telangana on May 14. However, Telangana Congress leaders are a disgruntled as Rahul Gandhi did not show any interest in visiting Hyderabad during his tour in the state.

Consequently, a convoy which is ought to follow him at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport was compelled to reach out to Nirmal in a jiffy, as per sources.

Earlier, the TPCC Chief Utham Kuma Reddy, former Deputy Speaker Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and former ministers were content that Rahula��s visit had to adjust to the changed scenario.

Recently, Rahul Gandhi has started fight against the center in parliament on farmera��s suicides, land acquisition bill and other issues of black money bill.

At this juncture, the TPCC had to experience a sort of difficulty in failing to bring Rahul to Telangana Capital. Utham Kumar Reddy and other leaders perturbed at the changes made in Rahul Gandhia��s tour, which confined to Adilabad and other few areas.

Rahul Gandhi, who slashed his tour of Hyderabad, would reach Nanded from Delhi and then would reach Adilabad in the evening.A�With this, the Congress leaders who arranged for a grand welcome at Hyderabad are quite disappointed with the sudden change of plan.

According to information, Mallu and Koppula Raju left for Adilabad to welcome Rahul. At Nirmal in Adilabad district, he is to address a Kisan Sandesh yatra meeting in the evening. As per the plan, he is to interact with deceased farmersa�� families.

Ultimately, Rahul Gandhi preferred to prune his Telangana tour, unmindful of the regional party leaders by winding up his whirlwind tour to Nanded in Maharashtra and Nirmal in Adilabad of Telangana State. (NSS)

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