Rahul Gandhi decides to fight RSS

  • Withdraws petition from SC
  • To stand by his statement

New Delhi: AICC Vice President Rahul Gandhi has withdrawn his petition from the Supreme Court on Thursday. His counsel and former Union Minister Kapil Sibal said his client would stand by his original statement made during the election time.

Rahul told an election rally on 6 March 2014, “RSS ke log Gandhiji Ko goli maari aur aaj unke log Ganghiji ki baate karate hain (Persons belonging to RSS shot Gandhiji and today they talk about Gandhiji)”.

Earlier on August 24 Rahul told the apex court that he had never accused the RSS as an institution that killed Mahatma Gandhi. A day after this he tweeted that he would stand by his word.

In May 2015 Rahul had moved the SC requesting a stay on the Bombay High Court order dismissing his plea for squashing a defamation case against him for allegedly blaming the RSS for killing Gandhiji. The SC has rejected Rahul’s plea to exempt him from personal appearance at the lower case where the case would be heard.

Rahul’s stand has to be seen as a deliberate decision on the part of the Congress to take on the RSS and to prove the charge citing historical evidence. Surjewala, AICC spokesperson said

NathuramA� Godse, Gandhi’s assassin, was a follower of the RSS and it is common knowledge. Kapil Sibal said that the Congress party believes that there is no case of defamation.

The RSS earlier said it is prepared to withdraw the case if Rahul Gandhi tenders public apology. Rahul had refused to do so.

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