Rahul Attacks KCR, Says Peoplea��s Dreams Remain Unfulfilled

a�?People of Telangana aspired a separate state for the sake of protecting their rights, but, are all their dreams fulfilled?a�? Rahul Gandhi questioned.

Sangareddy: a�?People of Telangana aspired a separate state for the sake of protecting their rights, but, are all their dreams fulfilled?a�? Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi asked on Thursday.

Rahul was speaking at Praja Garjana Sabha, held at Sangareddy by the Telangana State Congress. Stepping up his attack against TRS government, he said he had thought that unemployment problem would be solved if Telangana was formed, but, nothing happened. None of the sections is getting what they wanted, he said.

a�?Students and farmers fought for separate Telangana State. Was Telangana movement launched for only one family? Did four crore people fight for one family?a�? he asked the excited party workers and people in the meeting.

Remembering his grandmother, he said, “Indira Gandhi won from this place. It is a great place for exploring truth.”

Alleging that CM KCR is working for the interests of contractors, he asked, “Should we put the future of the people in the hands of four people? Is this Bangaru Telangana?a�?

Attacking the government, he said around 2,855 farmers committed suicides in these three years, and a hundred of them committed suicide in CMa��s constituency. This government handcuffed the farmers for asking for a support price, he said.

Claiming that all the students were given fees reimbursement during Congress regime, he alleged that the TRS government is trying to ignore it. He said Congress waived the farm loans at one go. This gave scope for farmers to get new loans, he added.

Rahul asked what kind of loan waiver the TRS government gave to the farmers. He expressed concern that farmers were facing problems as they were not given fresh loans.

a�?KCR promised one job for a family. In these three years, forget one job for a family, one job was not given in a village. Modi failed promising two crore jobs,a�? Rahul said.

Earlier speaking to reporters, he said, since people were not getting what they fought for, Congress would like to fulfil their wishes.

Rahul, who arrived in Hyderabad on Thursday to attend a huge meet held by state Congress at Sangareddy, paid tributes to his fathera��s statue on his way.

The state Congress held a big show in a bid to give confidence and rejuvenate the party workers. As the party has touched its low in the last elections, it is determined to perform better in the 2019 elections.

Incidentally, Rahula��s visit comes after the BJP president Amit Shaha��s visit to the State. But, Amit Shah spent three days and interacted with the party workers and attended general public, instead of participating in a huge meeting.

Though the banners welcoming him described him as a�?Son of Telanganaa�� and his mother Sonia Gandhi as a�?Mother of Telanganaa��, (since it was under UPA regime that the state was bifurcated) the leaders should realize that mere speeches in public meeting will not serve the purpose.

Congress Senior Leader Digvijaya Singh, State Congress Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy, other senior leaders like Jana Reddy, Jaipal Reddy, Geetha Reddy, and V Hanumantha Rao participated in the meeting.

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