Raghuveera and Botcha Allege Naidu of Deceiving People

HYDERABAD: The APCC Chief Raghuveera Reddy has lashed out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu alleging that nobody will beat the latter in deceiving the people.

Participating in a conference held on a�?Special Status to APa�� here on Monday organized by Students JAC, Raghuveera charged Naidu with betrayingA�the people in all aspects forgetting the assurances given by him during the elections.

In an open letter addressed to Naidu, he suggested to theA�TDP to conduct a�?Dagaanadua�� instead of a�?Mahanaadua��, andA�discuss in a�?Dagaanadua�� as to how ChandrababuA�had deceived TDP founder president Rama RaoandA� Raoa��s untimely death.

He remembered that former MP Daggubati Venkateshwara Rao had written a book named a�?Oka Charitra-KonniNizaalu,a��A�in which one could findA�as to how Naidu deceived Nandamuri Harikrishna and others.

Raghuveera asserted that Naidu made Junior NTR to roam every village during 2004 elections but has kept him away to promote his son Lokesh.

a�?One has to give a�?briefcasea�� to Naidu and a�?suitcasea�� to Chinna Babu (Lokesh) to getA�theA�government works done. a�?Briefcasea�� and a�?suitcasea�� government is running in Andhra Pradesh State,a�? he alleged.

Naidu deceived farmers and women, he claimed.A� Naidu, who hadA�earlier declaredA�that he committed a mistake by entering intoA�an alliance with BJP, once again entered intoA�alliance with the BJP, andA�this was nothing but political prostitution.

Former PCC President Botcha Sathyanarayana has demanded Naidu to make a resolution on a�?Special Status to APa�� in the ensuing Mahanadu and mount pressure on theA�center. The TDP Government has to fix a deadline to center in regard to the status, he said,A�and alleged that the government failed in all aspects in its one-year rule.

Participating in the conference, YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy opined that Andhra Pradesh Government has to mount pressure on the center for special status. He demanded the state government to call back the TDP union ministers to mount pressure on the center in providing the status. (NSS)

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