Raghu Karumanche turns comedian at Vinayak’s instance

Hyderabad: In the glamour world, luck would play a major role than talent. May be that is the reason several people used to say a�?I thought of become a doctor but became an actor.a�? One such actor is comedian Raghu Karumanchi.

Now, it is Raghu who does comedy with his dialogues in Telangana slang and evokes comedy on the screen. He made his entry with a�?Aadia�� and earned good name with the film a�?Adursa��. He had played in a�?Khaidi No. 150 and Kittu Unnadu Jagrattaa�� recently and proved himself as a good comedian. In fact, Raghu is highly educated person. He had completed his MBA in International Information Technology. He is the chief marketing manager in TVS Electronics since 2010, which is a very good position really. For that matter, Raghu has no intention to join the films at all. Way back in 2000, VV Vinayak and Surender Reddy used to stay in Santi Bagh Apartment in Amirpet. In the same apartment, Raghu also used to stay.

Looking at Raghua��s Telangana slang and typical comedy talk, they forced him to join the film industry. VV Vinayak had given him a promise that he would give him a role in his first movie if he gets a chance to direct a movie. Like that Raghu made his entry into films. Now, Raghu got married and his wifea��s name is Vani, who is also well educated and had completed her MA in political science. He has two daughters a�� Swapnika and Tejaswi. If the destiny decides nobody could escape from i

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