Rachakonda CP Mahesh Bhagwat Selected For a�?Hero Awarda��

The Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat who received international awards earlier was now selected for the prestigious a�?Hero Awarda�� by the US government for his efforts to prevent human trafficking.

Hyderabad: Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagawat was selected for the prestigious a�?Hero Awarda�� by the American government for his efforts to prevent human trafficking, particularly women trafficking.

He was selected for the award, for the efforts and hard work he has been putting in to prevent human trafficking for the past thirteen years.A� The Commissioner, in coordination with nongovernmental organisations and other organisations, has been preventing human trafficking. He also helped many victims. Last year, the police raided 25 houses where sex workers were kept. As part of the raid 25 flats were seized and the accused were arrested and sent to jail. He also liberated 350 child labours.

Mahesh Bhagwat is the second person to receive this award from our country. In 2010, IG Ramakanth was selected for this award. Mahesh Bhagwat who belongs to Ahmed Nagar district in Maharashtra has been serving as CP in the Rachakonda Commissionerate after the formation of Telangana.A� He received International Awards earlier also.

In one of the interviews he gave to the media, Mahesh said, “Bad practices by a few policemen are affecting the image of entire commissionerate. There is no question of sparing any police personnel indulging in illegal activities irrespective of their position,a�? declared Bhagawat.

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