Rabta Vs Magadheera: Allu Aravind Withdraws Case

Allu Aravind, maker of film Magadheera, who alleged in the court that Rabta Movie indulged in plagiarism has now with drawn the case which is a big relief for Rabta producers. The film will be released on Friday without any hurdle.

Hyderabad: News was confirmed by Rabta makers who said on Thursday, “Makers of Magadheera have withdrawn the case and Rabta will be released tomorrowa�?.

Rabta makers were accused of copying plot and storyline of Magadheera thus making it a case of copyright violation.

Lawyers who argued in the court for more than five hours said that storyline, background of characters, the locations, the finale and the role of the villain are completely different from that of Magadheera.

Lawyers mainly cleared the doubt of Allu Aravind that fight scene involving 100 warriors as not lifted and used anywhere in the flick.

Rabta which stars Kim Sarbh looks different. Magadheera which was directed by Rajamouli, is a reincarnation story whose plot revolves round a valiant warrior responsible for a princess safety.

As per the court order, Rabta, will be released on June 9th, 2017.

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