Putina��s party set to win absolute majority

Moscow: Vladimir Putina��s United Russia party set to win absolute majority in parliamentary elections in Russia by securing 54.21 percentage of votes that translate into at least 338 seats in 450-member parliament.

Other contenders, The Communist Party won 13.54 percent, the Liberal Democratic Party won 13.28 percent and the Fair Russia Party won 6.19 percent of the vote.

The approval ratings for Vladimir Putin is still very high with 80 percent.

Sunday’s election follows a tumultuous few years that have seen Russia seize the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine, plunge into its worst standoff with the West since the Cold War and start a military campaign in Syria.

This latest win could pave the way for President Vladimir Putin to glide to a fourth term in 2018 elections.

The voting for the 450 seats in the State Duma, the lower house of parliament, wasna��t expected to substantially change the distribution of power, in which the pro-Kremlin United Russia party holds an absolute majority.

But turnout in elections is low, the reason for which is suggested that many Russian voters were not very happy with the system in which Kremlin enjoys near absolute power.

“We can announce already with certainty that the party secured a good result, that it won,” Putin said after polls closed.

“The situation is tough and difficult but the people still voted for United Russia,” he said on state television.

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