Is Puri Jagannadha��s Arrest Imminent?

Chances of the directora��s arrest have increased with a doctor and personnel of Narcotics Department arriving at the interrogation venue. He had earlier denied knowing Calvin but acquiesced after corroborative evidence was presented to him.

Hyderabad: Possibility of popular film director Puri Jagannadha��s arrest in the drugs case increased on Wednesday evening amidst his intense interrogation at the Excise Enforcement office.

A surgeon from Osmania Hospital and officials of the Narcotics Department have reached the interrogation site to test whether he was taking drugs.

Another hint of the film directora��s possible arrest came when officials questioned him about his financial transactions with Calvin, Accused No. 1 in the Hyderabad Drugs Haul Case.A� Initially, he denied that he knew Calvin. Interrogators then showed him WhatsApp messages in which both (Calvin and Puri Jagannadh) had discussed financial issues. He was also shown photographs in which he is seen with Calvin and Jishin, another of the accused in the drugs case.

The director thereafter maintained that he had given money to Calvin for organising a function of one of his movies.

Despite sustained questioning, he asserted that he does not do drugs, telling his interrogators that he had given up drugs six months ago.A�This is when the services of Osmania Hospital and Narcotics Department personnel were requisitioned.

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Sources said Puri Jagannadh evaded several other questions. He was forced to provide answers after requisite evidences were shown to him.

The director initially explained for 40 minutes how he entered the film industry. He told officials that pub culture is a common phenomenon in the film industry and he was also one of the pub goers. His films too contained pub scenes.

Puri Jagannadh told interrogators that he came to know that Calvin supplies drugs after a period of time. Asked about his frequent trips to Bangkok, he maintained he went there for choosing locations or to shoot films.

The interrogation is expected to continue for a few more hours, following arrival of Narcotics officials. Excise Commissioner Chandravadan, Enforcement Director Akun Sabharwal are also participating in the interrogation.

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