Protest Proposed In Delhi For Protecting Dharna Chowk at Hyderabad

TJAC will organise a meeting in Delhi to protest against agitations not being allowed at the NTR Stadium near Indira Park.

Hyderabad: The scenario for preserving Dharna Chowk, the trade mark protesting site alongside the Indira Park in the State Capital of Hyderabad, is now being expanded to Delhi.

It may be recalled that this was the site, which has witnessed many movements, including the one for Separate Telangana. But the TRS Government has since proposed to move this scene of protests to the outskirts of the city.

Announcing the scheduling of protest in Delhi during August for preserving Dharna Chowk at its existing location, Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC) chairman M KodandaramA�on SundayA�declared that protesting for grievance redressal was a democratic right. KCR Government cannot deny this right in the name of people residing in neighbouring areas getting inconvenienced.

Speaking to a prominent daily on sidelines of a three-day convention organised by Peoplea��s Resistance Forum Opposing Free Trade Agreement and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, KodandaramA�said they hope to build moral pressure on TRS through the Centre.

It may be recalled that there have been severe protests against shifting of Dharna Chowk to outskirts of the city. A dharna was also held in front of Pragati Bhavan, the camp office of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao.

Though the government has succeeded in preventing agitators from protesting at Dharna Chowk, activists have launched the a�?Occupy Dharna Chowka�� movement, which has been garnering steady support.

A massive protest had been organised onA�May 15A�in support of the movement. Opposition parties, including Congress, TDP, BJP, left parties, and the Jana Sena, have extended their support to this movement of TJAC Chairman Kodandaram.

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