Protest for special status and Kapu walkathon prohibited

  • Mudragada under house arrest in Kirlampudi
  • Cops seal RK Beach in Vizag

A�Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The police in Andhra Pradesh are having a field day by clamping restrictions on the agitations planned by a cross section of the people. The silent protest planned at R K Beach in Visakhapatnam by youth seeking Special Category Status for the State and the Satyagraha Walk planned by Kapus in East Godavari district seeking BC status have put the State on the boil.

As the State government has compromised on the special package in place of the special category status that was promised at the time of bifurcation, the police are going tough on the young volunteers who have given a call in the social media for silent protest at Visakhapatnam R K Beach. While there are no leaders to claim the organisation responsibilities for the event, the police clamped prohibitory orders on the event and cautioned people reaching the port city to join the agitation. The police have sealed the beach premises to prevent people from joining the protest for the special category status. A huge contingent of police has been posted around the beach area to ensure that the event does not take place.

Similarly, the police have taken over the entire Konaseema region of East Godavari district to prevent the proposed silent Satyagraha Padayatra (walk) by the Kapus from Ravulapalem to Antarvedi seeking BC status. The Kapu leader and former minister Mudragada Padmanabham, is kept under house arrest preventing him from venturing out for his proposed yatra. Police said that they would not permit the Kapus to launch their agitation as it had no permission.

The State police, singing the government tunes, has kept all its forces at these two places to ensure that the events would not take place. The ruling TDP had already claimed that there is no popular support for the silent protest at Visakhapatnam and the Satyagraha Walk in East Godavari districts.

Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu had claimed that people in the State have already understood the benefits of the special package that the Central government had promised and hence there was no popular support for the protest plan. Similarly, he said the government had done so much for the Kapus in the last two years and had plans to do more in the years to come and hence there was no popular support from the community for Mudragadaa��s marathon walk. He sought to blame the Opposition YSR Congress for instigating people on both the issues. He had even accused the Opposition party of creating social unrest in the State to derail the governmenta��s developmental plans.

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