Property mutation scandal unearthed

Hyderabad: Two complaints were received by the GHMC deputy commissioner in February from Dongari Rama Bai of H.No. 8-2-609/16/A/M, Road No.11, Banjara Hills, stating that she purchased the H.No.8-2-609/17/M in Gourishanker Colony, Road No. 11, Banjara Hills from K. Koteswara Rao through Registered Sale Deed No.2893/2015, dated June 22, 2015 and got the said property mutated in her name in the municipal records vide proceedings No.1010019834, dated July 30, 2015.

She also paid the property tax till March 31, 2017.A� However, when she went to pay advance tax, she found that her name as owner of the property was replaced with the name K. Koteswara Rao, H.No.8-2-676/1/B/12, Sriram Nagar, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills, illegally and requested to take action.

After receiving the complaint, verification was made in office records and found that the contents mentioned in the complaints were found true and observed that the ownera��s name of the property H.No.8-2-609/17/M, Gourishanker Colony, Road No.11, Banjara Hills, was changed from Dongari Rama Bai to K. Koteshwara Rao online illegally and no background documents were found in municipal records for effecting the change. No authorised official signed on any records.

The deputy commissioner has addressed a letter to project manager, CGG, for investigation as how and from which IP address the name was changed from existing Dongari Rama Bai to K. Koteshwara Rao. The Project Manager, CGG has furnished a report on February 20 with details of IP Address from where the change of name was done illegally.

On thorough enquiry, it was revealed that the change of ownership was made on December 13, .2016 through IP MAC On enquiry it was found that this IP address belongs to Polaiah Battala, who is working as data entry operator (outsourcing) in GHMC head office. It is further revealed that Polaiah Battala made this online transaction illegally by taking money in collusion with K. Koteswara Rao in whose favour the change of ownership was made and M. Lakhan Singh, who is working as data entry operator (outsourcing) in Circle No.7A, GHMC, Khairatabad and others are involved and their names have come out in detailed investigation carried out by the vigilance wing of GHMC to whom investigation was granted to.

Therefore, as per the investigation reports of vigilance, B. Polaiah, K. Koteswara Rao and M. Lakhan Singh were involved as conspirators in the crime. The outsourcing operators whose names have been revealed in the investigation have been removed from GHMC and cases have been registered against them along with the other conspirator K. Koteswara Rao at Banjara Hills Police Station on March 16, 2017 as per the instructions of the GHMC Commissioner. (NSS)

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