Pro-Maduro Supporters Attack Opposition In Venezuela National Assembly

Armed men storm into the Venezuelan National Assembly and attack opposition members. Their siege lasts for nine hours.

Venezuela: In an unprecedented incident, the Venezuelan National Assembly was attacked by pro-government groups on Wednesday, hurting seven of its members.

Around 100 supporters of President Nicolas Maduro attacked members of the Congress with metal pipes, wooden sticks and clubs. About five opposition members of parliament were admitted to hospital after the attack. Along with them two employees were also injured, according to reports.

The walls of the building were stained with blood.

Incidentally, the attack took place on Wednesday – the independence day of Venezuela. Supporters of Maduro broke through the front gate, crossed the interior gardens and reached the corridors of the congressional building. One man was reported to be carrying a gun. Concussion grenades and firecrackers were set off, creating panic and fear among the opposition. Following the attack, around 350 people were trapped in the National Assembly during a nine-hour siege.

The siege was finally brought to an end by officers and soldiers. The National Assembly is the State institution still controlled by the opposition, who want to see the exit of President Maduro from power.

Meanwhile, Maduro has condemned the attack, saying, “I will never be complicit in any act of violence.”

Protesters blame Mr. Maduro for the country’s economic crisis, while he insists the chaos is the result of a US-backed capitalist conspiracy by the opposition.

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