Prince Mahesh Gets Shock From Court

Nampally court has refused permission to Mahesh Babu who prayed for exemption from appearance. Mahesh said his absence may lead to loss for film makers to whom he has given dates.

Hyderabad: It has became common in Tollywood for writers moving the courts after a flick gets released and scoring a huge hit. Recently, we have seen Rajamouli receiving a legal notice from S.P. Chari, a renowned author.

Chari said that the film is a direct lift from his novel a�?Chanderia�� which is related with Hardoul and Indumathi who lived in Madhya Pradesh.

Now it is the turn for Korata Siva and Mahesh Babu to receive the legal notice regarding a successful flicka�? Srimanthudua�?

Sarath Chandra. The author filed a complaint in Nampally court that Srimanthudu is a copy of his novel and court summoned Mahesh and directer Siva after hearing.

Mahesh Babu sought exemption by saying his absence would lead to huge losses for the film makers of upcoming flicks as dates are given to them.

But the court denied Mahesh’s request for exemption and ordered that he should be present in the court on the day of hearing the case.

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