President Trump Visa Ban and The Right Of A Sovereign Nation

Krishna Sagar Rao

Krishna Sagar Rao, TSBJPa��s Official Spokesman

[dropcap color=”#dd3333″]P[/dropcap]resident Trumpa��s 7 nation visa ban is totally legitimate and the right of a sovereign nation. Ita��s completely legal and constitutional. While a federal judgeA�for reasons unknown, can give a temporary stay on theA�presidential order, no court can stall a constitutionally valid presidential order of a rightfully elected President of the United States.

Trump administrationa��s decision is an extension of an earlier order by President Obama. The 7 nations visa waiver program exemptions was proposed by President Obama during his term. The selection of the 7 muslim majority nations was President Obamaa��s decision. No one was protesting on the streets over that decision during his term.

However, when a temporary entry ban of 90 days on these 7 nations and 120 day ban on all inbound refugees is announced by Trump administration, it is brazenly twisted as a�?Muslim Bana��, a�?Attack on pluralisma��, a�?Anti Immigranta��A�and all hell breaks loose. How deviant and conspiring is the plot?

The way some sections of US and global media is playing out this story and subsequent manufactured protests across the world, hasA�further lowered the credibility and respectA�for the mainstream media. A�It is also exposing mediaa��sA�shallow understanding of fundamentals, of an elected governmenta��s authority and its constitutional rights to make decisions.

All the hue and cry both inside and outside USA is a manufactured dissent. Ita��s both a knee jerk and ill intentionedA�reaction byA�full time protesters, only driven withA�inherent hate for President Trump and Republican Party. It also highlightsA�theA�sheer ignorance of the power of elected governments and US constitution by these misguided groups.

Even restaurants across the street have a a�?right to admissiona��. All nations with no exception have conditional admission to foreigners into their land. Therea��s no a�?free for alla�� in the world we live in today. Expecting USA to have open borders and free for all, is to live in a foola��s paradise. So far this nationA�has been certainly the most exploited oneA�in the entire world, in reference to opportunities to immigrants.

USA is truly a land of opportunity on this planet.A�Millions of immigrants built their dream lives in this nationA�for decades. However, demanding more from a nation, especially at a time when its own safety and security is at risk, amounts to rank opportunism. Ita��s like the story of goose and the golden egg. If there is no USA, wherea��s the option of having a land of opportunity? Ita��s the responsibility of all immigrants who exploited this great nation for realizing their lifea��s dreams, to protect its national interests, than abusing it.

The immigrant groups who are abusing the President of USA and his administration are a bunch of loonies and thankless people who dona��t value what they have drawn from this great nation as foreigners. Most of those who immigrated to this land did so, for want of opportunities from across the world. They live way superior life styles in USA, than they would in their mother land. Many immigrants live an a�?American Dreama��, which is far sightedA�for millions of local Americans. Today, if the same folks are standing along withA�fewA�distracters of USA, to shout slogans against its elected President and roll on the streets, is quite shameful. It highlights theirA�lack of gratitude and loyalty to the same nation which has given them livelihood.

USA and its elected government has complete and unquestionable rights and authority to allow or disallow who they choose to, into their sovereign nation. All sovereign nations inclusive of kingdoms have their exclusive rights over entry and exit. Ita��s deplorably silly and inexplicably juvenile to cry foul, over decisions which are legitimately constitutional in the interest of onea��s own nation. President Trump has all the necessary authority and has followed an established process provided by the constitution to make theseA�decisions.

Partisan paid media, political protesters, left wing perennial dissenters and few confused millennials cannot undo decisions made by a nation, in its interest of safety and security. President Trump neither need to explain nor need to slow down his decision process for these deflectors. The protesters prime agenda is to mislead and confuse.

a�?If you help once, ita��s aA�favour.IfA�you help again and again, it becomes your dutya�?. This adage suits USA well now. Policy decisions by successive governments to help those facingA�political, religious and economic persecution across the world through refugee program, has now become a liability to USA. It faces imminent threat from few inbound immigrants and refugees.

A nation should be free to implement or not implement even a humanitarian policy based on a new threat perception to their nationa��s safety, security and integrity. If that fundamental freedom to review their policies to help others in the world is challenged, a nation might do a complete rethink onA�whether they should even extend any help in the first place. Helping others in the world cannot be forced on a nation, it has to be a choice. Values of humanism of a nation cannot be at the cost of losing lives of their own nationals.

President Trump 7 nation ban is not a a�?Muslim Bana�� from any angle. Anyone who exercises choice to think objectively without prejudice can understand it. Ita��s not even a permanent ban. Ita��s an administrative decision to keep a temporary stop to the inflows for the review of immigration policy by a newly elected government. Exaggerating the implication of this decision or trying to stall it through street fights and court battles can only build more complexity than resolve.

President Trump is not a spineless leader to get cowed down by populist pressure. He has a very strong political will to deliverA�the bold and clear promises he made to his voters. He has majority at the senate, house and a clear conviction at his disposal, backed by his loyal supporters and American voters.

One can call President Trump names, critique him, protest globally, make shallow TV arguments, indulge in deviant and partisan political commentary, fight him in courts but cannot stop him from making decisions for his nation, as an elected PresidentA�of the USA.

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