Preserve historical impressions in capital villages

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The government heritage advisor G Amareswar told the AP Capital Region Development Authoirty (APCRDA) to preserve the historical impressions available in all the capital villages. Addressing a meeting of the officials Amareswar addressed the officials and the elders of the capital villages, where he had asked them to identify the heritage impressions and preserve them in the new capital.

He asked the officials to preserve the heritage agriculture implements, the living style of the people, celebration of festivals and other impressions that are available in the capital villages. He also wanted them to preserve the language, rural art forms and the historical impressions and preserve them for future generations. He also directed them to preserve the ancient buildings, temples and the sculpture used in the temple pillars and surroundings.

He directed the officials to create Nelapadu, Rayapudi and Lingayapalem as clusters for the 29 capital villages and prepare village map identifying the heritage impressions. He wanted the officials to be in touch with the elders of every villages to know more about history of the village and other heritage information.

CRDA social development wing deputy director Y V V N Prasad Babu, village elders Vejendla Sivaprasad, Dhanekula Nageswara Rao, Pardhasaradhi and others were present.


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