Preet Bharara Fired By Trump

Washington, D.C.: Preet Bharara, Indian American US attorney for the Southern District of New York, was fired by the Trump administration, along with forty-five other US attorneys in the country.

The attorneys were holdovers from Obama years, and Trump has seen them as disloyal to him and continuing to implement the policies laid out during Obama presidency. Bharara was asked to resign, but he refused to do so as he was involved in many important investigations that included the Fox News case of how the network settled claims brought by its employees — the case regarding the alleged sexual abuses by the management, which had resulted in the dismissal of Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox News.

Coincidentally, in the Sean Hannity show on FOX News the day before, Hannity said to the effect that some in the Trump’s team that are disloyal were hurting him. There has been a discussion in the Trump’s administration about the Obama’s holdovers and their continuation of loyalty toward the predecessor’s policies.

Dispute over New York Mayor Bill De Blasio’s campaign funding was another important investigative case that Bharara as an US attorney was handling.

Bharara tweeting moments after his firing stated that being US attorney was the greatest honor of his life.



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