Pre-monsoon showers give respite to residents of twin cities, experts say it is temporary

Hyderabad: As heat wave conditions are roasting the residents of Hyderabad, pre-monsoon showers on Saturday and Sundayevening across the twin cities provided a little respite.

With this the overall temperatures have dropped by one or two degree Celsius, claimed the officials of the Indian Meteorological Department.. They even predicted more showers in the City and Telangana.

Saying that they have issued a thunder warning for a few places in Hyderabad on Monday, the IMD official told a leading newspaper, that it all depends on the moisture present in the atmosphere. a�?As winds are blowing from Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea, there is enough moisture, which is leading to pre mansoon showers,a�? he explained.

Meanwhile, Skymet Weather reported that a trough that was running from Maharashtra across Karnataka and Rayalaseema area had been infusing moisture over the region.

A cyclonic storm that was brewing in the southwest Bay of Bengal fedA� off moisture in its surroundings, led to the sharp escalation in the temperature.

However, the present relief is temporary and the temparatures are expected to shoot up again soon , warn the experts.

An expert from Skymet told Times of India that, a�?These showers will occur during the latter afternoon or evening only though. Though the showers will provide significant relief, it will only be momentary.a�?

As the temperatures soared in the State, government declared summer holidays for all schools much early.

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