Prayed for overall development of Telugu States: KCR

Tirupathi: Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao fulfilled his vow to the Lord of Seven Hills Sri Venkateswara Swamy by presenting gold ornaments valued at over Rs. 5 crores.

Later interacting with the media, KCR said that he had prayed for the overall development of the two Telugu States and well being of the people of both the States. He was confident that with the blessings of Lord Venkateswara, all the pending issues and problems confronting both the States would be resolved amicably at the earliest.                       

The Chief Minister, who reached Tirumula along with his family members and cabinet colleagues besides senior officials on Tuesday, had darshan of the deity and presented the ornaments to the temple archakas on Wednesday.

Earlier KCR, his wife and other family members had visited the Sri Varahaswami temple as per tradition and then proceeded for darshan of Lord Balaji at Tirumala shrine. The temple authorities accorded welcome to KCR and his family at Mahadwaram. He then handed over the gold “saligram necklace” weighing 124.2 kg and valued at Rs. 3 crores, and also another ornaments weighing 4.65 kg and valued at Rs.1.21 crores to the temple priests. The KCR couple also presented a nose stud to Goddess Padmavathi.

 Responding to the offerings made by the Telangana Chief Minister, the TTD Executive Officer Sambasiva Rao pointed out that in the olden days, such costly presents were offered to the deities by Emperors and Kings like Sri Krishnadevaraya and Mysore Maharaja. The same tradition has now been revived by KCR and it would be remembered forever in history. By reviving the age-old tradition, KCR has earned a niche for himself in this regard, he added.

KCR said that he had taken a vow during the Telangana movement that he  would present golden ornaments to Sri Venkateswara Swamy and Sri Padmavathy Ammavaru if separate Telangana State becomes a reality. “Due to Lord Venkateswara Swamy’s blessings we got the Telangana State. I am happy today that I have presented the ornaments and fulfilled my vow. After the formation of Telangana State, I wanted to come here and fulfill my vow. But it did not happen. As they say, unless you have calling from the Lord, you cannot make the visit. In my childhood, I came to Tirupati along with my uncle to have the darshan. But we could not as we heard an inauspicious news and had to cancel the visit and return. Unless you have the grace of the Lord, you cannot come here and have a darshan. I have performed the poojas with utmost devotion and to my heart’s content. I prayed to the Lord to take care of the Telangana State and bless that it should do well. I also prayed from bottom of my heart to make the two Telugu States flourish. Not only the two states, I prayed for the well being of the entire country. I thank everyone for their cooperation,” the CM said in his brief message to people at Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Mandapam.

BJP flays ‘King of Telangana’

Meanwhile, BJP official spokesperson Krishna Sagar Rao said  in Hyderabad that  KCR possibly is the only CM in the entire country today who spends public money so brazenly for personal reasons.

Referring to KCR offering gold ornaments to Lord Venkateswara, the BJP spokesperson said the CM seems to be totally convinced that he has been elected to be the ‘King of Telangana State’ and  totally oblivious of the fact, that he is an elected representative in a democratic system. He is on a brazen trip of personal splurge of public money. He must understand that he is only the custodian of public money for a period of five years, which the CM seems to be missing totally. He is also accountable for every rupee he is splurging for wasteful expenditure.

BJP doesn’t have any objection to one’s religious beliefs and  personal vows to god; however these vows have to be fulfilled in individual capacity and not by using public money, he said. 

“BJP warns CM KCR to put a stop to this politics of caste and  religious appeasement through wasteful expenditure of hard earned tax payer’s money”, he added.

Minister Pocharam falls ill after darshan

Telangana Agriculture Minister Pocharam Srinivas Reddy suddenly collapsed and became unconscious after darshan of Lord Venkateswara at Tirumala on Wednesday

The TTD authorities immediately rushed him to the nearby Aswini Hospital where a team of doctors examined him after admitting him in the ICU. According to the doctors, the minister developed low BP and also due to exhaustion, he had collapsed. After his condition became stable following required medical attention, he was discharged.  Later the minister left for Hyderabad accompanied by a team of doctors and TTD officials.

Srinivas Reddy, along with other Telangana ministers, was in Tirumala in connection with Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s visit to offer gold ornaments to the Lord of  Seven Hills. Along with KCR and others, he too had darshan of Lord Balaji. He then went to Mani Manjari Guest House where the CM was staying. As soon as he reached the guest house, he complained of chest pain and collapsed.

 He was immediately rushed and admitted in the hospital at Tirumala. Minister for Endowments Indrakaran Reddy also rushed to the hospital to oversee the medical treatment to his cabinet colleague. After his condition became stable, Srinivas Reddy was discharged and later he left for Hyderabad. -NSS

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