Pranab Mukherjee Clears The Air, No To Second Term

President Pranab Mukherjee has made it clear that he is not available for a second term. The next president to be selected by the NDA would take the reins on July 25.

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee has finally made it clear that he will not throw his hat for the second term, putting at rest the speculation that he would be one of the probable contenders.

“I have exactly two months to go. July 25, a new President will assume office. I am sending the officials who have worked with me back to their ministries and departments. One has gone to the Commerce Ministry, two to the Ministry of External Affairs,” he said.

The President was speaking at a farewell tea organised for the media by President’s Secretary Omita Paul for his Press Secretary Venu Rajamony, a career diplomat who has been appointed the Ambassador to The Netherlands. Rajamony will assume his new office in The Hague early next month.

Mukherjee has earlier indicated that he would consider a second term if the BJP-led government supports him. But BJP had stated that it has no plans to do so and would filed its own candidate for the highest post.

Mukherjee’s remarks assume significance in the context of the ongoing hectic political activities centred on a candidate for the President’s election slated in July.

The Congress-led Opposition has declared that it would support Mukherjee in the event of government backs him. Understanding that Narendra Modi does not wish to have a Congress man for his possible second term, Congress along with TMC, JD U, SP, RJD and the Left, have been searching for a suitable man to field opposite to the official candidate. Gopala Krishna Gandhi is said to be the front runner for the post.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi is hosting a dinner for Opposition leaders on Friday as part of the efforts to arrive at a consensus over the Opposition candidate.

Mukherjee said after a hectic political life he had been wondering whether he would fit into the President’s post where the incumbent has to work under Constitutional rules.

So, an eventful career is coming to end in July. Mr Mukharjee finally bids adieu. His successor will be decided by the Modi-Amit Shah duo, by June 15, it is learnt.

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Padma Rao Writes To President Complaining Against Closure Of Schools

Dalit leader Kathi Padma Rao wrote a letter to President seeking his intervention in the AP Government’s proposal to close over 9,000 schools in the rural areas.

Amaravati: Dalit leader and Navyandhra Party founder Kathi Padma Rao wrote a letter to President Pranab Mukherjee drawing his attention to the AP government’s move to close more than 9,000 schools in the rural areas. He termed it total violation of the Constitution by denying the right of the rural people for education.

Padma Rao said that the government had issued GO 29 proposing rationalisation of government schools. This would mean that the government would merge several schools taking into consideration the strength of the students, he said. The merger would mean closure of some schools, he said. He alleged that the government wanted to bring down the number of schools in the rural areas only to force people to go to the private schools, which have been fleecing them in the name of fee.

The Navyandhra Party leader said that Dr Ambedkar had ensured right to education for the people and the successive governments have established schools in every village. The government schools right from the primary to the high levels have been located close to the people in the villages with the shortest possible journey. The governments have also established welfare hostels for the students to stay in hostels and complete their education, he said. However, the Telugu Desam government headed by N Chandrababu Naidu had proposed closure of several welfare hostels and schools in the name of rationalisation. Several hostels were already closed as some of them were turned into residential schools. Thus thousands of students have lost their right to education after the closure of the hostels, he said.

Now, the government had proposed closure of schools taking away education from the reach of the poor, particularly those in the rural areas, Padma Rao added. He appealed to the President to intervene and direct the AP government to withdraw the GO and continue the existing schools. He wanted the President to protect the right of the people of Andhra Pradesh by preventing the government from closing the schools.

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Jeevan Reddy writes to President against KCR and Naidu

HYDERABAD: Lashing out at both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Chief Ministers Chandrashekar Rao and Chandrababu Naidu, respectively, Congress MLA from Jagtial, Jeevan Reddy, on Wednesday demanded the President Pranab Mukherji to order CBI inquiry into both chief ministers’ corrupt politics.

Jeevan Reddy addressed a letter to the president in this regard and urged him to initiate steps to stop deteriorating constitutional values in Telangana.

In his letter, Reddy alleged that TRS Chief Chandrashekara Rao, who spoke of democratic and constitutional values during the struggle for Telangana, did not stick to his proclaimed commitment to democratic values.

Rao encouraged defections of MLAs and MLCs from Congress, Telugu Desam and other parties to his TRS Party, he said and alleged that in this drama of defections all the legal constitutional requirements were thrown to the winds.

In the wholesale defection activity, Rao has exhibited contempt for the constitutional and legal process, leave alone moral values, he said. There are number of petitions filed before the speaker questioning the defections of members to TRS and their consequent disqualification under the law of defections. The inexplicable delay in initiating proceedings of defections by the speaker is casting a shadow on the constitutional values in the state, Reddy alleged.

The situation in the state touched a new low in politics of Telangana, he said. The elections to the Telangana Legislative Council proved the same. Andhra Pradesh chief minister was in direct talks with an MLA exhorting him to vote for his Party by offering a bribe of five crore rupees through MLA Revanth Reddy to a nominated MLA Elvis Stephenson. Naidu’s involvement is proved, and he is guilty of encouraging defections. The evidence against Chandrababu is unimpeachable, he said.

The Congress Legislature Party (CLP) Deputy Floor leader in Telangana Legislative Assembly alleged that both the chief ministers were behaving like dacoits and demanded CBI inquiry and opined that it would only bring out their political corruption. (NSS)

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