Prabhas: I Am Unfit For Politics

Bahubali says he is not interested in politics and would never enter the field in his life.

Hyderabad: All eyes are on Prabhas, who is promoting his upcoming flick Baahubali 2 aggressively.The film is ready to hit screens on April 28th in grand style, as never Before in Indian history.

In an interaction with the media, Prabhas said he is not interested in politics. He felt he wasA�unfit in a role of a politician. He made it clear that he would never enter politics in life.

Pedananna( Krishnam Raju) once asked me to receive requests and complaints from public and party workers of Mogalthur constituency.

“For a month, I handled responsibilities but felt could not continue the activity due to pressure,” Prabhas said. “Then I told my uncle not to involve me in politics.”

Reacting to a question on his marriage, Prabhas with a smile said ‘NO IDEA.’ Krishnamachari Raju was an actor for three decades. He was elected as an MP and became a minister in the Union Cabinet. Had Prabha wanted to emulate his uncle, it would not have been difficult. The BJP is prepared to offer him a political role. But he not interested.

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