Prabhas Was Almost Penniless While Shooting Baahubali, Says SS Rajamouli

Rajamouli says Prabhas made a lot of sacrifices for focusing on the shooting of Baahubali, the beginning as well as conclusion. Prabhas went penniless at one stage, says the ace director.

Hyderabad: It is highly unimaginable to think of a hero who dedicates four years of his time for a two-part film; but, the unbelievable happened while shooting for Baahubali.

Even an average hero would not prefer to commit to a single film for four years, however big that might be. But Prabhas put complete faith in Rajamouli when he instructed Prabhas not to sign any film for five years.

Standing by the word he has given to Rajamouli, Prabhas refused all the offers, cheques and monetary favours during the making of Baahubali.Thus, he became almost penniless while shooting for ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ and ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion.’ This was revealed by none other than Rajamouli, in an interview given to a popular Telugu Channel. He is quoted to have said that, “As Prabhas had three consecutive hits and producers were running after him with money, Prabhas focused on Baahubali. He instructed his manager not to demand anything from producers and take anything they give.”

Further, he said that at a point of time Prabhas fell short of money. Producers flooded his house with offers, cash and cheques and without asking anything in return, with all the developments Prabhas got nervous and called Rajamouli for an advice. I asked him to get an affidavit done, with a statement that the money doesna��t have anything with your work. But he denied the amount with the fear of repayment of huge sums. Prabhas also rejected an advertisement worth Rs. 10 crores, Rajamouli said. Saying that Prabhas doesna��t know how to lie, he added that he doesna��t even hurt anyonea��s sentiments for no reason. a�?He does not like to see people hurt,a�? Rajamouli said.

Both the films were a great success. While ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’ released two years ago won critical appreciation and grossed a�? 650 crores worldwide. Now, ‘Bahubali: the Conclusion’, earned a�? 6000 crores in just five days after its release.A� With the film, Prabhasa��s image as pan- Indian superstar has been established.

The dedication and commitment of SS Rajamouli and his cast, crew paid off finally with the thumping success of the film. The film broke almost all records and made every Telugu proud.

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