Poster in the capital city comparing Gandhiji with Modi

Lata Jain

A poster put up by BJP leader Vijay Goel at his residence, could create a huge political controversy in the national capital Delhi and it is wait and watch if Mr.Goels argument is taken in the right spirit by opposition.

This poster makes a comparison of Prime Minister Modi with the father of nation Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi is always recognized as a sant (saint) from Sabarmati. One can recollect the hindi song,de di hume aazadi bina khadag bina dhal, Sabarmati ke sant tune………….”While the poster reads Modiji as sant from Sabarmati.

BJP leader Vijay Goel does not find any fault in the poster.”Gandhiji is undoubtedly a very great leader but Modiji is also playing a very great role. What Gandhiji  did, I told it and what Modiji did, I told it. Gandhiji and Modiji hail from Sabarmati and Modiji is walking on the principles and path of  Gandhiji .

“We have spoken about the work done by Modiji,” Vijay Goel said.

Will this comparison go well with political parties? How will Modiji himself react to this statement?

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  1. bala krishna says:

    It is wrong to compare Modiji with Gandhi…why because while Gandhi the so called father of the nation sacrificed national interests and allowed partisan just to keep Nehru in good humour …Modi ji sacrificed his personnel life to serve the nation..

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