Where Is Poornima? Police Clueless

A 15 year-old girl from Nizampet, Hyderabad, has been missing for two weeks and police could not find any clue giving sleepless nights to her parents.

Hyderabad: Police are still unable to trace Poornima, who was missing from 1st week of June from Hyderabad.
Poornima, studying 10th class, left home telling her parents that she was going to school at Nizampet. She did not return and the

worried parents filed a case at Bachupallu police station on the same day, June 7th.

According to police they could not find any clues and solid leads yet even though they have deployed police force and sent a word to all.

Few days back, police received a call from Chennai stating that they saw Poornima along with a boy, but police could not get any clue after observing the CCTV footage of Chennai road heading to Benagaluru.

Police kept 14 teams as stand by to trace Poornima and the teams ready to leave for any city in which she is found.

Poornima did not leave any clue to police too by deleting all her phone call logs, WhatsApp messages and FB account.

Her mother is scared to go to Poornima’s room and she is staying in front room so that she can open door immediately after her daughter comes back home.

+919491060942 , +919490617126 are the numbers released by police and if anybody knows the whereabouts of Poornima they can contact these numbers.

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