Politics around Delhia��s ill-health

New Delhi: Many say that the Delhi administration is a contradiction to our parliamentary democracy. It is true because the elected chief minister here is a subordinate to an un-elected lieutenant governor who act as a super-chief minister prescribing doa��s and dona��ts to peoplea��s chief minister, that is the paradox. This is like a�?the tail wagging the doga��. A�

When chief ministera��s plight is such who cares dy. chief minister?

Delhia��s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia is in Finland on an a�?educational toura��. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is in a hospital in Bengaluru to undergo a surgery to get rid of his chronic cough. But here Delhi is reeling under the out -break of chikungunya, dengue and other diseases. These two diseases have already claimed 30 lives, and affected nearly 3,000 people.

One can excuse the Chief Minister, though partially, as he himself is in poor health that necessitated an operation.A� Partially because, he would have taken advance measures to avoid or at least to minimize the outbreak. Then what about the Dy. CM? He is away from Delhi in a educational tour. Here a�?education versus health.a��

Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung may be a�?kind enougha�� to CM Kejriwal, but not to Dy. CM. He ordered him to return to Delhi immediately from his foreign tour to oversee the Delhi health. Politically one could say that the lieutenant governor has grabbed a first opportunity to embarrass the AAP government, but what he did is morally correct.

Not only the people of the national capital, but also the entire nation knows that the relations between the lieutenant governor and the chief minister are in a spoiled health. The Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung is not all happy with AAP ministers foreign a�?junketsa��. According to a recent news report he ordered the Delhi administration to submit him all the details including the incurred expense of the ministers foreign tours. So one cana��t avoid the temptation of tasting some a�?political pepa�� inA� the Lieutenant Governora��s latest dictum to Sisodia to return backA� immediately from his Finland tour.

There is no surpriseA� if A�Sisodia could A�invest all his A�might in defendingA� his a�?educational toura��A� to Finland, a country which stood first in education system, in the best interests of Delhia��s educational a�?healtha��. A�

Outwardly this is all look like a blend of morality and politicking. A�In fact there is no such dvaita (morality and politicking). Politics is all about advaita. It subsumes every other thing.

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