Politicians Untouched, Small Persons Arrested

  • Undue delay in investigations leads to suspicions

Hyderabad: Nayeemuddin case has been taking turns and twists with the Special Investigation Team (SIT) taking inordinate time to gather evidence and take action. The clever politicians who were lined to the slain gangster are trying all means to wriggle out of the cases. They have been using political connections while simultaneously trying to influence the witnesses to change their evidence. Links of leaders of various political parties in Nalgonda district and police officers of different cadres who worked in the district are a public secret. Everyone in the district talks about it but the SIT takes its sweet time to immobilize the suspects.

It is a known fact that Nayeem became a police informer and then an instrument in the hands of the police to get Naxalites leaders and human rights activists eliminated. It was during the tenure of Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Home Minister Madhava Reddy and DGP Dora that the dreaded gangster had become a threat to the society. All the three were instrumental in preparing the Frankenstein monster. The extremists were fully aware of this development and they killed Madhava Reddy and made an attempt to assassinate Naidu at Alipiri on way to Tirumala. The Chief Minister of AP had a miraculous escape in that attack. Some of those police officers who were involved in a�?Operation Nayeema�� are also connected in the crime. But they pleaded that they were involved by the government and they did not do anything on their own. The IPS officers whose names figures earlier in the investigation had reportedly approached Naidu and requested him to save their skin. Naidu is understood to have assured them that he would take it up with Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) and the Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh. Something must have happened. The names of the IPS officers dona��t figure in SIT briefings any more.

In the meanwhile, the politicians belonging to Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) have been running from pillar to post to get their names deleted from the list of suspects. Many had approached KCR pleading for mercy. Some of the names had come out in the media but the majority of the politicians having links with the mafia don have been successfully influencing the government to keep their names under wraps. That was the reason why the SIT could not take up investigation against all the political leaders they suspect to have relationship with the slain don. Only three names of politicians had figured in the First Information Reports (FIRs) filed by the SIT so far. Nayeem was reported to have eliminated at least 24 persons. So far, the SIT had arrested about 70 persons who aided the killer or who killed Nayeema��s victims at his behest. But not a single politician was called to the police station to record his or her statement. The delay on the part of the police to briskly investigate the case had given an opportunity to the politicians to broker compromise with the complainants to escape from the cases. They have been approaching the persons who had already complained to the police and also those potential complainants whom only the politicians know. A politician whose name appeared in the FIR had reportedly offered one lakh rupees to a complainant requesting him to withdraw the complaint. It is not known whether the complaints can be withdrawn after making written complaints is not known. Anything is possible, says a businessman from Bhongir, if the police and the government wish. a�?After all, who created the demon called Nayeem? Was it not the combination of politicians and police officials?, Why did the successive chief ministers allow the arrangement intact?,a�� A�he asked. Another politician who acted as a broker between a businessman and Nayeem who demanded Rs 2 crore from the former is also leaving no stone unturned to escape unscathed from the cases.

What happened to loads of cash?

While the drivers and watchmen who were working for small wages were arrested and incarcerated, the bigwigs are left free to try to escape from the clutches of law. A photo in which a politician appears with Nayeem landed in the hands of the police and created a sensation. But no follow up action appeared to have been taken. A�Nayeema��s relative Faheem reportedly introduced the concerned legislator to Nayeem. Both the legislator and Faheem had a number of common friends. This lead was not obviously followed up by the SIT. So many leads were left by the police without any follow-up action. The people of Bhongir are curiously watching the functioning of the SIT and asking a number of questions. There were some politicians like Uma Madhava Reddy and Komatireddy Rajagopal Reddy who organized press conferences to deny allegations that were made against them. Did the police verify their claims and come to any conclusions? Who is leading the SIT from the background? Why was the chief of the SIT changed in the middle of investigation? What is the role of the police officials, who are in important positions today, in the shady affairs of Nayeemuddin? There was a talk of hundreds of crore found in Nayeema��s dens. What happened to the huge amounts of money? Why there was no statement from SIT or any other police functionary informing the people about the money found with Nayeem? Why is not CM KCR taking interest in the investigation into the case? Is he trying to protect the politicians and top police officers? Is the case likely to go the way the a�?note for vote casea��, in which AP CM is a suspect, had gone? These are some of questions being asked by the general public in Nalgonda district. The questions are bothering the people due to lack of transparency and consistency on the part of the police.

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