‘Political Punch’ Ravi Kiran Held In Vizag

Administrator of web page ‘Political Punch’ Ravi Kiran was arrested at Visakhapatnam on Tuesday under SC, ST Atrocities Act for posting a cartoon against TDP’s Dalit MLA Anita.

Visakhapatnam: The administrator of a Facebook page ‘Political Punch’, Inturi Ravi Kiran, was arrested by the city police on Tuesday for allegedly insulting Payakaraopeta MLA Vangalapudi Anitha by posting a comment on the page. He was remanded to custody.

The accused was booked under SC/ ST Atrocities Act and other Acts based on a complaint lodged by the MLA, Anitha, on April 19. Ravi Kiran was served with a notice on April 30 to appear before the police. Subsequently, he presented himself before the SC/ST Atrocities Cell of the police department on Tuesday where police arrested him.

He was charged with allegations punishable under section 6 of the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, 1986; section 67 of IT Act andvarious sections of SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act) Amendment Act-2015.

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Ravikiran, Madhusudhan Reddy Appear Before Thulluru Police

Social media activist Ravikiran and YSR Congress IT wing chief Madhusudhan Reddy appeared before Thulluru police on Tuesday and presented their statement on the police case.

Amaravati: The social media activist Ravikiran and the YSR Congress IT wing chief Madhusudhan Reddy appeared before the Thulluru police and submitted their statements in response to the notices served to them. The police earlier last week have slapped notices on Ravikiran and Madhusudhan Reddy for their political posts in the social media. Ravikiran was picked up by the police and was released after 8 hours long questioning for his social media posts against Legislative Council, Chief Minister Naidu and Minister Lokesh. The police have also served notices to Madhusudhan Reddy for his postings against the government.

On Tuesday both Ravikiran and Madhusudhana Reddy visited the Thulluru police station as summoned by them. The two have given written statements to the police in support of their arguments. While Kiran denied to have any connection with the YSR Congress and claimed that he had political cartoons on every party on his social media account, Madhusudhan Reddy justified his activities with the YSR Congress as head of its IT wing. He had also reportedly denied having any connection with Ravikiran.

Madhusudhan Reddy, while coming out of the police station told media persons that their political posts were only against the government and not against Chandrababu Naidu or his son Lokesh. He alleged that the police were acting as TDP servants and said that they did not act when he had lodged a complaint against the TDP official postings against Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Madhusudhan Reddy said that the police have asked them to come for questioning once again on April 30.

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