Pawan Kalyan Conducts Exam For Future Leaders Of Jana Sena

Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan evolves an innovative method of testing the credentials of the youth who are enthusiastic of joining his party to serve the people. The candidates flocked the test center as though they are appearing for a competitive examination.
Jana Sena conducting examinations & interviews at Vishakapatnam to select speakers, content writers and analysts for the party.

Visakhapatnam: Have you ever heard of a political party conducting examinations to its cadre? Men, women and youth arriving at the exam center with enthusiasm are something unusual.

A budding party led by a popular actor is the one that conducted the exam.  Yes! You’ve guessed it right. It was Jana Sena Party founded by the actor Pawan Kalyan that conducted the exam in an untraditional way.

“Everyone has some talent. Mr Pawan Kalyan wants to utilize the talent for the development of people,” Jana Sena Party Media Head Haribabu said, speaking to a popular daily.

Mr Mahendra Reddy, vice-president of the party, said that there was no age limit to write the exam, and it was being conducted to build a mechanism that would work as an effective delivery system.

The examination was held basically to determine the skills under three categories: oratory, presentation skills, contents writing skills and analytical skills.

Nearly 4,000 people from different walks of life lined up before the examination center at Sri Krishna Vidya Mandir. Even some retired people braving intense heat and age came to take the exam.


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BJP Plans To Counter Pawan With Another Star?

AP BJP which lost hope on Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan met a young hero of Konidela family to seek the support for next elections.

Amaravati: As per Telugu media sources, AP BJP senior leader met Allu Arjun for his support to the party in next coming assembly elections. AP state BJP lost hopes on Jana Sena Chief who is closely moving with communist parties and planned to pick Bunny into BJP who has a good image in public after Pawan.

There was a cold war running between these two actors Pawan and Allu Arjun and BJP wants to encash on it by bringing Allu Arjun into politics.

As per party sources, Allu Arjun was non-committal. But Bunny aides say that there is time for their hero to plunge into politics. Will Allu Arjun cross Chiranjeevi and go against Pawan kalyan?

But up to now these are only speculations, and no official statement from Allu Arjun or from seniors leaders of BJP.

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Tollywood Mourn The Loss Of CiNaRe

Celebrities expressed their deep condolences for the demise of great poet C. Narayan Reddy.

Hyderabad: Tollywood celebrities expressed their deep condolences for the demise of great poet C. Narayan Reddy.

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Pawan To Plunge Into Full-Time Politics?

As every party in the State is gearing up for elections, party sources say that Pawan too wants to plunge into politics.

Hyderabad:  Power Star Pawan Kalyan who has been criticised as a guest artist in politics by some politicians, finally seems to have decided to commit himself to politics. If reports are to be believed, he is keen to complete the film being directed by Trivikram as soon as possible and plunge into the political arena as a full-time politician.

He has taken a different approach towards strengthening his party. Recently it was reported that he held examinations to those who were interested in joining the party. The party sources said that Pawan wants his cadre to be more dynamic and knowledgeable, unlike other party cadres.

Pawan recently announced that he would be contesting in the 2019 elections. Though he initially wanted to contest from Anantapur,  there were suggestions that he should fight from Hindupur which happens to be the constituency of Nandamuri Balakrishna another actor-turned-politician, it is being said that he has not yet chosen the constituency. Sources said that he wants to select a constituency which will guarantee his win.

After realising that he can’t have the cake and eat it too, he has decided to vote for politics at the moment.  As every party in the State is gearing up for elections, Pawan appears to have thought of giving a break to acting. However, it was not confirmed by the star yet.

Pawan is determined not to fail like his brother, Mega Star Chiranjeevi. He tested the waters during 2014 elections and now, wants to enter politics full time. Though he is keeping good relations with AP CM Chandrababu Naidu and also BJP, speculation is that he might choose BJP as it is concentrating more on backward caste candidates than the dominant castes.

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Pawan, A Confused Leader Between Communism And Capitalism

Speaks Communism, quotes Che Guevara and Sri Sri, but goes in the corporate style even for party activities.

Amaravati: He speaks for the poor. He quotes from the speeches and writings of Che Guevara and Sri Sri that inspire the gathering. But, when it comes to practices, he follows the corporate style. He comments on the social media and even if it is a public meeting or a press conference, only he speaks and he is visible. He is now recruiting the party cadre just like a corporate company. He is Jana Sena chief, actor turned politician, Pawan Kalyan.

Heading for maiden contest in the 2019 elections, Jana Sena chief is now recruiting the cadre for his party at the grassroots. These recruited candidates would be the speakers and organisers for the party in their respective districts. He is also recruiting the content writers for the party who would have to develop the content for the leaders to speak on issues before and during the elections. The party’s manifesto too is likely to be based on the content that these writers would be providing. He had done this in Ananthapur district, from where he had decided to contest the next elections. Now, he is heading for a similar exercise for Hyderabad and the three north Andhra districts.

No political party had done this exercise, not even the Praja Rajyam Party, which he had launched along with his brother Chiranjeevi before 2009 elections. But now he is on a special recruitment drive into the party, attracting the youth.

He also reacts to the issues and makes his stand clear through the social media frequently, which the celebrities do often. He is the only politician who has to be followed in the social media. While other leaders are seen in the media through meetings, Pawan is seen and heard only through the social media.

There is also inconsistency in his activities. He visited the capital farmers and spoke for them and went into hibernation. He visited the Uddanam area of north Andhra and spoke for them repeating the same disappearance. The only advantage for him is his association with the ruling TDP in the State which reacts to his statements. The Uddanam mysterious kidney disease issue was not addressed but the only advantage is that the area got a dozen dialysis centres giving a relief to the people from visiting to Visakhapatnam for dialysis. Farmers in the capital region could get nothing as the government goes ahead to acquire their lands. He had promised to stand by the farmers of Penumaka, Undavalli and Bethapudi villages against the forcible acquisition of the lands, but he never raised the issue later leaving the farmers to their fate.

Going by his talks and tweets and looking them from his acts, it appears that the Jana Sena chief is a confused leader. To win the hearts of the masses, he takes the Communist line, but to put his words into action, he reflects the style of the corporate sector. While he takes the line of the Left parties on raising the issues concerning the people, his bent towards the ruling TDP keeps him off the Communist ideology.

If he continues to follow this double style – a communist in statements and a capitalist in actions – it would be quite difficult for Jana Sena to get the votes in the 2019 elections.

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TTD EO Row Heats Up, Pawan Questions Naidu’s Decision

Mr. Anil Kumar SInghal’s appointment criticised by the opposition and religious figures alike.

Hyderabad: Controversy over the appointment of a north Indian IAS officer as Executive Officer of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanams (TTD) has snowballed further with the leader of Jana Sena and film star Pawan Kalyan questioned the decision. Mr Anil Kumar Singhal, a IAS officer from Himachal Pradesh has taken charge as EO on Saturday last.

“Where is the need to appoint a north Indian man when scores of officers from our state are available? Are officers from South India appointed at north Indian shrines? I am not opposing Mr Singhal taking charge. But the state government shall explain to the people the reasons. In Varanasi, Amarnath or Mathura, no South Indian is appointed as executive officer, in that case, why should we?” Mr Pawan Kalyan demanded.

His arrows have further aggravated the row. Already some Hindu seers including Swaroopanandendra Saraswati of Sarada Peetham in Visakhapatnam have lambasted the Naidu government over the appointment. “It’s a tradition to appoint Telugu officer since he alone can correctly understand the Vykhanasa Agama sastra customs on which Tirumala runs. To avoid friction between the Agama Sastra traditions which are being constantly interpreted and implemented, a Telugu man is necessary at the helm. The institutions of antiquity should not be altered for temporal reasons” felt Swami Swaroopanandendra.

The opposition parties have also cried foul over the decision. This is utter disregard for our traditions and the TDP government is out to destroy the sanctity of the greatest shrines of the world’ castigated the YSRC. Congress Party also raised objections to the appointment.

Except once in 1970s when a non-Telugu man Mr Subrahmanyam who hailed from Tamil Nadu was appointed as EO, all other EOs- from Anna Rao to Sambasiva Rao, had been Telugu people.

BJP has not questioned the decision since it is part of the government. According to informed sources in the government, Chief Minister had to accept a strong recommendation from a high profile Union cabinet minister and appointed Mr Singhal.

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Pawan Kalyan: Be Fair With Two States In Chilli Prices

Pawan Kalyan has flayed the Central Government for showing bias against Telangana farmers while deciding the quantity of chillies to be purchased.

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan kalyan flayed  Central Government for its unfair attitude between two states in Chilli farmers’ issue.

Centre announced that it would buy chillies at cost of Rs 5000 per quintal under Market Intervention scheme, upto May 31st. Added to this, Union Minister Venkiah Naidu stated that a maximum of 88,300 metric tons can be procured under MIS scheme from AP, where as in Telangana he restricted the quantity to 33,700 metric tons.

Pawan lashed out on this bias between the two states and in a press release stated that centre should procure the same quantity as it did for AP .

He further added that ₹ 5000 per quintal as announced by the Centre will not offset the  falling prices and the support price should be further increased by Centre.

In a media statement, Pawan said that farmers are protesting on roads in two states which shows the situation of farmers who were neglected by the governments is very bad. It is not good for the country if the farmers are made to suffer, Pawan said.

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Jana Sena Cadre’s Hunger Strike Demanding Special Status At Vizag

Jana Sena to HighLight Special category Status Issue for 2019 elections

Visakhapatnam: Nearly 100 volunteers from Jana Sena started their hunger strike on Saturday at Mahatma Gandhi statue opposite to GVMC building in Vizag demanding special category status for AP.

Jana Sena leader Satish said that the centre has denied the Special Status category which was promised in Parliament. “As a protest against this, we have started relay hunger strike which might turn into fast unto death.
Government has denied Constitutional right, so we have decided to start this programme on the eve of Dr. Ambedkar jayanthi. It is a shame that Telugu Desam MPs did not participate in the debate on Special status category that took place in Rajya Sabha where as T MPS supported,” said Satish.

Meanwhile, Jana Sena Chief who is busy in Trivikram’s flick may visit Vizag in coming days as per party sources.

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Where Is Jana Sena Chief?

In an emotional speech, Pawan kalyan promised that he will stand by farmers if land is forcibly acquitted by Government.

Hyderabad: Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan toured seriously when there were protests across CRDA zone during land acquisition by State Government.

In an emotional speech, Pawan kalyan promised that he will stand by farmers if land is forcibly acquitted by Government.

Pawan, as a guest politican left the issue there itself. Government acquired land in Guntur district and gave fresh GO for acquisition of another 90 acres of land.

Farmers of Penumaka, Guntur District, are looking towards Pawan and sending message with flexy in their fields.

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katamarayudu: Celebrities Tweets

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Katamarayudu Movie Review: Its One Man Show

Cast: Pawan Kalyan, Shruti Hassan, Ajay, Siva Balaji, Kamal Kamaraju and Chaitanya Krishna, Rao Ramesh, Pradeep Rawat, Tarun Arora and Others

Credits: Story – Siva, Dialogues – Akula Siva, Vema Reddy, Srinivasa Reddy, Timma Reddy, Cinematographer – Prasad Murella, Editor – Gautham Raju, Music – Anup Rubens, Screenplay – Vasu Verma, Deepak Raj.

Producer – Sharath Marar

Director – Dolly

Banner – North Star Entertainment

Released on – March 24th, 2017

Intro: Pawan’s lasT flick Sardar Gabbar Singh failed at BO leaving a big disappointment to his fans. Katamarayudu, coming after one year gap, must receive a positive note for Pawan Kalyan to maintain stamina at BO and run his political career in future.

It is a one man show by Power Star

Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Katamarayudu’ had evoked lot of expectations right from the day the movie had gone to the sets. Though everyone knew that the film is the remake of ‘Veeram’ of Ajit, the director of the Telugu remake reportedly chose the cream of the subject and rewrote the entire script to suit the Telugu nativity and in a bid to elevate Pawan Kalyan’s image. In fact, Pawan had faced a debacle with ‘Sardar Gabbar Singh’. However, Pawan Kalyan continue to maintain the same craze and that is the reason everyone had kept high expectations on the film right from the first day. Kishore Kumar Parthasani @ Dolly tried his best to elevate Pawan’s image and the first half of the film is racy. However, when it comes to the second half, the josh has come down and the film returned to a routine commercial flick like one song, some sentimental scene, one action scene and so on. Moreover, the climax is also little stretched and routine and there is nothing much interesting.

When it comes to the story

Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) is a powerful leader in a village and everyone in the village used to abide by his words. He is a ruthless faction leader and will never allow anyone to commit a mistake. He has three brothers (Siva Balaji, Kamal Kamaraju and Chaitanya Krishna). The elderly person in the family is his uncle (Rao Ramesh). Though he crosses 30 years of age, he doesn’t want to get married as he fears that the girl who comes as his wife may separate him from his brothers. He is against love but all his brothers fall in love with a girl each. All his brothers then hatch a plan and convince a girl called Avantika (Shruti Hassan) to corner their brother and trap him in love. However, Avantika says that she doesn’t like if anyone who quarrels or fights with others. But Rayudu brothers project him as a soft guy. In an unfortunate incident, Avantika finds Rayudu fighting with some people and keeps herself off. On the advice of his brothers, he goes to the neighbouring village where Avantika lives and tries to convince her that he was forced to fight due to an unforeseen situation. When she was about to convince, Rayudu finds Avantika and her family (including her father Nazar) are in danger and again forced to enter into a pitched battle. Whether Rayudu could convince Avantika that he is a soft person? How he saves Avantika and her family from the villains. Was he able to win the heart of Avantika? What is the story of Avantika and her family? Answers to all these questions form part of climax.


Pawan Kalyan is at his usual best. He excelled in the action scenes and also delivering good comedy with perfect timing. The entire first half is quite hilarious. Rao Ramesh also helped to evoke good comedy. Pruthvi is another guy who made the theatre burst into laughter. Al the other artistes like Siva Balaji, Chaitnaya Krishna and Kamal Kamaraju are for namesake and literally have no prominence at all. Pradeep Rawat and Tarun Arora played the villains and they did justice to their respective roles. After a long time, Ali got a meaty role and evoked very good comedy in the film. Surprisingly, the character of Shruti Hassan was etched beautifully and she looked in traditional attires and there is no trace of any kind of glamour exposure. She gave a very nice performance.

ANALYSIS: The director recreated and gave a fresh feeling in the first half as the film will not have any resemblances to the original movie ‘Veeram’. However, he could not maintain the same pace in the second half and the entire second half appears quite stretched. More so the climax is also very lengthy and boring. Action scenes by Ram-Laxman are commendable and Pawan Kalyan excelled in all the action scenes and did not take any cinematic liberties. In fact, Pawan Kalyan really mesmerised his fans with his impeccable comedy timing and superb fights. The second fight and the climax fight are very impressive. Music by Anup Rubens is okay, but the background score in rerecording is mediocre. Only a couple of songs are good to watch and two other are just terrible on screen. No doubt, the cinematography by Prasad Moorella is top notch. Dialogues have full of rhyming and good all through the movie. Editing is sharp.

In one way, the entire movie is Pawan Kalyan’s One Man Show. Undoubtedly, he mesmerizes his fans with his perfect comedy timing and extraordinary action scenes. However, his dance movements are disappointing. There is nothing vulgar in the movie and this had made the movie watchable despite a routine and predictable story at hand. Since the story is predictable, both the action and drama appear lengthy and stretched.

PlusPoints: Pawan Kalyan, Entertainment, and Photography

Minus Points: Second Half, Climax, and Music

On the whole Katamarayudu is a feast only for Pawan fans with huge openings on Day one. We have to wait and see how the audience receive in long run. Summer Holidays ahead, Bahubali due for release with a gap of 30 days, this movie will fare well at BO when compared to  Pawan’s Previous flick.

Rating: 2.75/5

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Pawan kalyan Is God


Hyderabad: Yes Pawan Kalyan is God and Balaji, Yadagirigutta Swamy, Bhadadri Ramudu all should be replace by Pawan. Do u want to know who said these words, just read the lines below, u will get it.

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Will Rayalaseema Bless Pawan Kalyan Too?


Anantapur: Will Rayalaseema bless political entry of Pawan?
Rayalaseema, became an ultimate destination for filmy stars to kick start their political careers for the past 33 years in Andhra Pradesh.

The drought-prone area, which is very backward, comprising only 4 districts, has been giving life to all film celebrities who make their political debut.

If we look at the past, late NTR made his entry from Hindupur in 1983, which became a political hub for TDP, which never lost the seat up to now. Balakrishna, son of NTR, contested from the same constituency in 2014 and won the seat. It was in Tirupati that NTR announced his decision to marry Lakshmi Parvati and make her his second wife, the decision that had spelled doom for his political career which ultimately resulted in the revolt staged by his younger son-in-law N Chandrababu Naidu. NTR was divested of the job of chief Minister. Chandrababu Naidu took over as CM in 1995.

Actor-turned-politician Chiranjeevi too sought the blessing of R’seema after he launched PRP in 2008. He contested for Assembly from Tirupathi along with Palakollu. Though Coastal Andhra people rejected him, Rayalaseema voters kept Chiranjeevi in their hearts by electing from Tirupathi.

His Brother, Pawan Kalyan, now joins the league. He recently announced his plans to fight in coming elections from Ananthpur district. Sources close to him say, Pawan will contest from Gunthakal constituency, which is a sentiment in two ways. One, its famous temple of Anjaneyaswamy, the deity whom Mega family strongly believes in. Second, the party that wins Gunthakal constituency will form the government in the State.

Important aspect in all these celebrities is that no one belongs to Rayalaseema but they thrived on the sentiment of voters , particularly by promising to solve the problems caused by the drought.

Rayalaseema, which consists of only 4 districts, Ananthpur, Chittor, Kadapa and Kurnool, witnessed leaders of State and national levels. When PV Narasimha Rao had to get elected to Lok Sabha after becoming prime minister without being a Member of Parliament, he chose Nandyala constituency to fight a by-Poll. The then Chief Minister Kotla Vijaya Bhaskara Reddy got the MP from Nandyala to resign for the sake of PV. The TDP supremo NTR did not put up a candidate against PV since a Telugu person became a PM. PV won with a record majority.

People of Rayalaseema are destined to decide the future of yet another celebrity politician. Already Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu and Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy are representing Kuppam in Chittoor district and Pulivendula in Kadapa district respectively. Both the district are in Rayalaseema region. Rayalaseema calls all the shots in Andhra Pradesh politics. Will it also launch Power Star Pawan Kalyan?

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Pawan Is Puppet in Naidu’s Hands: Y.S.Jagan

Amaravati: Yes, for the first time, Y.S Jagan came forward in criticising Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan, which shows real fight ahead between these two parties in coming days.

YSRCP President, leader of Opposition Y.S Jagan addressed media for a discussion on budget.  Jagan initially did not respond to the questions related to Pawan Kalyan, and asked journalists to confine questions related only to budget.

But at one time on repeated questions about Pawan, he said, Jana Sena Chief is puppet in hands of AP CM Chandrababu Naidu who will literally sit and stand if Naidu asks to do so.

YS Jagan further said that Pawan should fight on issues related to State and they will heart fully cooperate, he further added that YSRCP will cooperate parties which fight against Naidu’s anti people activities.

Jana Sena will certainly be a big threat in 2019 elections, particularly for YSRCP, which will split the anti incumbency votes as per political analysts. May be this is the main reason for Jagan to show frustration on Pawan Kalyan.

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Janasena celebrations Touches UK

Hyderabad: Janasena’s 3rd Birth Anniversary celebrations touched Pawan fans across globe. On March 14th, on the eve of party’s foundation day, Pawan fans celebrated the occasion in a huge manner in presence of Shankar Goud, who graced the function from  India.

Nearly 300 Janasena cadre attended the function and  stated that they will follow the foot steps of their leader Pawan Kalyan in coming elections.

UK Janasena team will meet their leader in month of June and take part in membership drive as per Janasena sources.

Meanwhile Janasena will launch its NRI wing  separately  in coming months. Pawan is getting overwhelming response from US, UK, Canada, Australia and Germany.

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