Political conspiracy behind Padma Awards, Alleges Kaikala Satyanarayana

Hyderabad: Kaikala Satynarayana, veteran actor, former MP from TDP felt that denial of Padma award to him was mainly due to political conspiracy. Multi-talented veteran actor won many awards in his film career except Padma Award which should have been announced long ago when congress was in government during period of 1989-94.

Main reason for denial is only political issue as per veteran actor. I was in TDP at that time, rival congress was in power, and thus the State level committee rejected my name under political pressure though many recommended, Satyanarayana felt.

Padma awards to Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam were given because they had right contacts. Chiranjeevi did not invite me to watch Khaidi No 150, but Balakrishna arranged a special show for seniors, actor further added, stating that the seniors who felt industry as their own mother were severely neglected.

He also criticised T. Subbiramireddy for ignoring senior actors during the events organised by him. Subbirami Reddy respects only the artists and politicians who are in limelight which is not correct.

The senior character actor felt that he was at least in news due to denial of Padma Award; otherwise people have forgotten him long ago.

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