Police Take Up Search Operations On The Outskirts Of Old City

The police, who got information that some old criminals were hiding on the outskirts of Old City, took up massive searches in the early hours of Saturday.

Hyderabad: The South Zone police took up massive search operation on the outskirts of the Old City, which has become a safe haven for the criminals, in the early hours ofA�Saturday.A�

At least 250 policemen led by DCP Satyanarayana searched the houses of suspects fromA�5 am to 8 amA�and took some 84 suspects into custody.

Along with this, the police have also caught a gang involved in preparing adulterated foods, and seized 56 vehicles belonging to different criminals.

The police conducted search operations in Asad Baba Nagar, and Kishan Bagh areas after they had received information that some old criminals were hiding there. They searched the houses of suspects, and identified adulterated ginger, garlic paste tins in some of the houses they raided.A�A�

They also seized mehendi packets prepared with dangerous chemicals.

Of the 84 people taken into custody by the police, there were some 20 rowdy sheeters and 23 old criminals. They seized four knives and liquor bottles. They took the finger impressions of the people who were taken into custody.

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