Police Stop Mudragada To Resume His a�?Chalo Amaravatia�� Padayatra

Police stop Mudragada Padmanabham again from a�?Chalo Amaravatia�� padayatra, leaving no option but to return to his house. Does Padmanabham have any others plans to continue to show his protest?

Kirlampudi: Former minister and Kapu leader Mudragada Padmanabham made an attempt to resume his a�?Chalo Amaravatia�� padayatra on Thursday. As his house arrest expired on Wednesday night, he made an attempt to come out of his house along with his supporters on Thursday morning. However, the police stopped him by saying that he had no permission to undertake the yatra. The police prevented him from walking out of his home at the gate and forced him to walk back.

Padmanabham protested against the police in a Gandhian way. He blamed the police and the government for denying his democratic right to walk in support of his demand for reservations to the Kapu community.

The former minister accused the government, particularly Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu of betraying the Kapus by delaying the fulfillment of the promise that was made during the 2014 elections. He also criticized the Kapu leaders in the TDP for betraying the community to protect their political power. He said that the Kapu leaders in the TDP were sold out to Chandrababu Naidu mortgaging the interests of the community. He asked the Kapu leaders to come out of the party and do justice to the caste or bring pressure on Chandrababu Naidu for justice.

Having advised the Jana Sena Chief Pawan Kalyan to know the facts about the Kapu movement and the betrayal of Chandrababu Naidu, Padmanabham appealed to the commuinity on Thursday to keep both the TDP and the Jana Sena parties out of their homes. He asked the community to continue to fight for reservations as it was now or never basis.

Meanwhile, the BJP leadership at the national level is planning to get in touch with Padmanabham, extending support to his movement. The BJP is learned to have agreed for the BC reservations demand of the former minister and had promised to consider it if he joined the party.

The BJP, which is keen on strengthening its base in the state, is looking at the Kapus as potential group for the party. As the party has already decided on giving the state president post to a Kapu leader, it is looking at the possibilities of getting the Kapu leaders to own up the party.

Kapus in the state have no party of their own and have been competing to be the ruling class next only to the Reddys and Kammas in the state. The BJP understands this and wants to score point by offering leadership and the chief minister post if they owned up the party and led it to victory in the next elections.

However, sources say that Padmanabham had sought time to decide on his political entry. He had reportedly told the BJP leadership that his priority was to get BC status and reservations for the community and would consider other things only after he achieved it.

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