Police Role In Naresh’s Murder Investigations Suspicious

Until the Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagavat deployed special teams for investigation, the murder of Naresh did not come to light.

Hyderabad:  The murder case of Amboji Naresh belonging to Yadadri-Bhuvanagiri district is getting murkier as allegations against the local police are mounting. Since the police could not break the mystery of Naresh’s disappearance till High Court intervened, people are suspecting their intentions.

Until the Rachakonda Commissioner Mahesh Bhagavat deployed special teams for investigation, the murder of Naresh did not come to light. As the investigating  officers ignored the vital clues in the mysterious disappearance of Naresh, their intentions are suspected by police.

Naresh came to Bhuvanagiri along with his wife Swati from Mumbai on May 2. He had sent Swathi along with her father. Suspecting that she might be ill-treated, he followed her father’s car.

It is being said that Naresh went on a two-wheeler from Bhuvanagiri. He must have collected his friend either from Bhuvanagiri or from the outskirts of Lingarajupalli, the native place of Swati. Naresh had sent his friend to her place and stayed back at the outskirts.

Srinivasa Reddy who observed Naresh’s friend loitering there, followed him along with his nephew. As soon as they found Naresh on the outskirts, they murdered him. This was confirmed by the Commissioner too.  He also stated that they are yet to identify the person wearing a white shirt. This friend of Naresh is a crucial witness in the case. But the police could not identify who he is till now.

The family members of Naresh complained in Bhuvanagiri Police Station on May 6. The Bhuvanagiri police stated that they found out that the mobile phone of Naresh was switched off at Moulali; which means, they might have also realised that Naresh had gone to Lingarajupalli. If the police had questioned Srinivasa Reddy then itself, the case would have been solved. It is also surprising that police did not even find out with whom Naresh spoke over his mobile in Bhuvangiri. When they could find out the cell tower location of Naresh, they should also track the details of another mobile too. If they had identified the person and investigated, the case would have been different.

Police ignoring such small but important facts only shows the shallowness of their investigation. It could also be a case of complicity. There is criticism that police are not taking several cases seriously. They are not investigating unless officials order them. Now, it is up to the officials to decide whether to motivate their force or not.

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High Court Censures Police In Naresh’s Murder Case

The police officials who acted indifferently and took the side of the alleged killer Srinivasa Reddy who reportedly killed his own daughter Swathi and her lover Naresh have been taken to task by Mahesh Bhagavat, Rachakonda Police Commissioner.

Hyderabad:  The High Court expressed anger at the way police treated the sensational case of honour Killing of Swathi, Naresh. After completing the hearing in the case, the court severely censured the police. It questioned why police are not acting transparently.  Reacting to the report by police that Naresh’s body was burnt and it was Swathi’s father who killed him it made serious remarks. It asked police why honour killings are increasing in the Telugu states. Pointing out that majority population is questioning the functioning style of police; the court directed the police to work to enhance the prestige of the department.

Meanwhile, The Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat suspended sub- Inspector Shivanaga Prasad for dereliction of duty and coercion in the Naresh murder case.  The Commissioner told media, “SI Prasad called up Swati several times and asked her to return home in a threatening manner after her father T Srinivas Reddy lodged a missing complaint.”

The Bhongir Town Police Station Inspector M Shankar and Sub-Inspector Krishna Murthy were issued charge memo for failing to act promptly to look for Naresh. Another inspector of Ramanapet police station, who had struck a compromise between the families of Swati and Naresh and facilitated their return was also sent a charge memo.

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