Police Release Audio Tapes Of Sirisha In A Row

The police keep on releasing the audio tapes in which Sirisha is seen as a woman of loose character. Is there a scheme behind this?

Hyderabad: The police have asked for five days custody of Rajiv and Sravan to clear some nagging doubts in Sirisha case.

The police said there are hundreds of audio bits in Sirisha’s mobile. They said the audio conversation between Sirisha and Rajiv has been sent to forensic lab.

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In one of the audio bits in WhatsApp, Sirisha, while speaking to Rajiv’s friend Naveen, described Tejaswini as her enemy. Tejaswini is a software employee recently transferred to Hyderabad from Bengaluru. She and Rajiv became lovers through Facebook chat. She was supposed to marry Rajiv who is an accused in Sirisha’s suicide case.

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Observers wonder why the police department has been putting out information that makes people believe that Sirisha is a woman of easy virtue. They question the motives of the police officers. In one audio tape, Sirisha requests Naveen to get the audio tape containing the iconversation between Rajiv and Tejaswini. Both Sirisha and Tejaswini were vying for Rajiv’s attention. The dispute between Sirisha and Rajiv was reportedly sought to be resolved with the help of Police Sub-Inspector Prabhakar Reddy of Kukunoorpally police station. The three- Rajiv, Sirisha and Sravan,  a friend of SI Prabhakara Reddy and Rajiv, went to Kukunoorpally police station. They were at the quarters of Prabhakara Reddy till 2.30 am on Tuesday, June 13. They reportedly consumed liquor there. There are suspicions that the SI had molested Sirisha.

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The police are not discounting the doubts. Police commissioner Mahender Reddy left enough hints at his press conference to suspect that there was a molestation or attempt to molest at the police quarter at Kukunoorpally where Sirisha and the SI were deliberately left alone by Rajiv and Sravan who went out on the pretext of smoking. Mahender Reddy described Rajiv as well educated and well intentioned. But he said Sravan is a bad character. Rajiv who is from Vijayawada is politically connected.  There might be some attempt to leave him without implicating him deeply in the case.

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