Police foil meet in Hyderabad

  • Forum for Alternative Politics denied permission to conduct meet

  • Varavara Rao, many others arrested

  • Chukka Ramaiah, Pothuri Venkateswara Rao, Haragopal plead with police

  • Police remind the organisers of the ban on Maoist party, front organisations


Hyderabad, September 21: Telangana government had come down heavily on the activists who wanted to hold a rally in support of alternative politics. Virasam leader and leader of Forum for Alternative Politics Varavara Rao and more than hundred others were taken into preventive custody. Those who demonstrated against the repressive measures being taken government were arrested on the tank bund.

Virasam has been campaigning the cause of a�?Janatana Sarkara�� that has been ruling in the areas controlled by Maoists in Chhattisgarh State. The organisation planned to hold a meeting at Sundarayya Vignyana Kendram in Hyderabad on Sunday. But the police did not grant permission. Activists who were reaching the city from districts were arrested on their way. Some prominent leaders were taken into custody on Saturday evening itself.

Senior citizens Chukka Ramaiah, Pothuri Venkateswara Rao and Prof Haragopal met City Police Commissioner Mahinder Reddy and pleaded with him to release the arrested person and allow the meeting to be conducted. Police Commissioner agreed to release those who were arrested but refused to grant permission for the meeting.

The organisers applied for permission four days ago but Hyderabad Central DCP V Kamalasan Reddy refused the plea stating that it would lead to law and order problem. The police officer alleged that the Forum is a frontline body of the Maoist party and since there is a ban on the Maoist party and its front organisations there is no possibility of permitting meeting meant to praise the Maoist government in part of Chhattishgarh. The DCP explained that organisations connected to Maoist party such as RDF, RYL, RCS, RSU, Singareni Karmika Samakhya, Revolutionary Workers Federation and AIRSFI have been banned by government. Kamalasan Reddy said the main purpose of the meeting was to discuss the achievements of revolutionary parties in the last ten years. The Forum for Alternative Politics has been propagating that Maoist party is the only alternative to the existing political parties. The intelligence sources had informed the police, he said, that many of those who are planning to attend the meeting are members of the Maoist party.

Professor Haragopal, speaking after meeting City Police Commissioner, told the media persons that it is wrong on the part of the government to refuse permission for the meeting and arrest the activists. He said the society should be given an opportunity to hear what the Forum members had to say. Only then the society can boldly tell the Maoists that their opinion is wrong.

Forum for Alternative Politics had organised a meeting of sympathisers and liberal democrats in the month of August at Sundarayya Vignyana Kendram. The organisers at that meeting told the audience that the Janatana Sarkar has been doing an exemplary job and there is need to propagate the philosophy and schemes of the Maoists in the realm of governance. The Forum promised to improve their communication system and keep the society updated about the developments in the revolutionary movement.

The arrested persons were released by Sunday evening.

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