Police Cracks Vizag ATMs Theft Case

A duplicate key of ATM machines was the key element that helped them thieve nearly Rs 5 crore.
Police Cracks Vizag ATMs Theft Case

Visakhapatnam: Visakhapatnam Police have on Wednesday arrested two engineering studentsA�in connection with thefts at ATMs in the city during the last week of June.

Interestingly, the duo acquired skills of stealing ATMs from YouTube videos.

According to police, the two, Swapnil Singh (22) and Satyarath Mishra (20), belonged to Kanpur city in UP. A�They stole a whopping Rs 4.92 crore from ATMs by swiping debit cards at different times. Their modus operandi was explained to the media on Wednesday by Assistant Commissioner of Police Ramachandra Rao.

To begin with, the two students would somehow manage to get a duplicate key of an ATM. One of them had a bank account and had received a debit card. They would swipe this debit card in an ATM while the other would be vigilant outside. Once cash started flowing out from the designated slot, the ATM machine would be switched off. They would then use the duplicate key to open the upper panel and take away the available cash.

The two students used this modus operandi for about fifty times in Visakhapatnam before leaving for Kanpur. Their arrest followed after the bank lodged a complaint on noticing the theft from their ATMs.

The duo has reportedly purchased gold chains, smart phones and bikes using the money they stole.

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