Police Crack The Mystery Of Beautician Sirishaa��s Death

Passion, jealousy and possessiveness led to the suicide of beautician Sirisha. The police, who investigated the case, finally ascertained that it was suicide and linked the death of SI Prabhakar Reddy with it, though ruled out molestation.

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad police finally cracked the suicide case of beautician Sirisha. Police Commissioner Mahender Reddy giving details about the case explained the chain of events that took place before the death of Sirisha. The forensic report concluded that Sirisha hanged herself to death.

Revealing the details of the interrogation, Mahender Reddy said that Rajiv had a physical relationship with Sirisha. They were working together for the past four years. However, Rajiv fell in love with another girl called Tejaswini through Facebook and both decided to get married. Tejaswini who was in Bangalore came to Hyderabad on transfer.A� They too had physical intimacy. One day when Tejaswini went to RJ studio, the office staff told her that Rajiv and his wife went out. Then she explored facts and started creating scenes at the studio.

On May 30th, she had a bitter fight with Sirisha and as the quarrel grew and both started shouting, Rajiv called 100, Banjara Hills police came to the scene, and SI Srinivas counselled the three and sent them.

This was when Rajiva��s friend Sravan entered the scene. When Rajiv told him about the problem, he suggested that they can meet SI Prabhakar Reddy and sort out the issue. As per the suggestion, Rajiv, Sravan and Sirisha went to Kukunoorpally for the settlement.

The accused Sravan and Rajeev told the police that they had liquor on the way and at Kukunoorpally too along with SI Prabhakar Reddy. After speaking with the SI for some time, Sravan and Rajeev went out for a while leaving Sirisha with the SI. Immediately Sirisha messaged Rajeev not to leave her alone with the SI. This was when the SI tried to misbehave with her and Sirisha pleaded that she is not that kind of a woman. Rajeev who saw this from the keyhole of the door told Sravan about this. Then they went inside and found Sirisha pleading with the SI not to harm her. Prabhakara Reddy requested her not to scream as he did not harm her. When she continued to cry loudly Rajiv slapped her on the face to make her shut up. Then the SI, who was afraid that sentry would find the girl and others in his quarters,A� asked Sravan to take them away from his place.

At around 2.30 am they started back. On their return journey to Hyderabad too, they had bitter quarrel during which Rajeev physically abused her. The accused told the police that Sirisha tried to jump out of the car twice. Once she got down from the car and started running. Rajiv man handled her. Both of them dragged her back to the car by her hair. After reaching the Studio at around 3.54 am, Sirisha went into the studio, while Rajeev was busy booking a cab for Sravan. During that time Sirisha called Rajeev but he could not answer the call then. Later around 4.03 o clock, he returned the call for which she did not respond. Then Rajeev rushed to the studio and broke the doors went inside and found Sirisha hanging. He called Banjara Hills police, and SI Dayakar went there. By that time Rajeev cut the chunni with which she hanged herself and called Appolo Hospitals for an ambulance. Rajeev took her to the hospital, where doctors declared her dead.

Meanwhile, knowing about the suicide of Sirisha, the CP said that SI Prabhakar Reddy called his colleague and batchmate Harinder at Banjara Hills Police Station and asked whata��s going on regarding the case. Though not much was revealed to him, Harinder asked him if all of them had liquor at his quarters. Prabhakar Reddy who became anxious shot himself with his service revolver and died.

The CP said that a case was booked against Sravan and Rajeev.A� Though Rajeev did not have a criminal background, Sravan had, said the CP.

Meanwhile, family members of Sirisha said that they dona��t believe the police version. They still assert that she is not such a weak-minded person to resort to suicide. They are demanding that a proper investigation be done to bring out the facts.

The police commissioner also said after the forensic report on vagina swabs and viscera comes and if they reveal any new information the police would investigate in that direction. As of now, the Commissioner said that the police believe there was no sexual assault on her. The police have booked a case with Sravan as A1 and Rajiv as A2. Mahender Reddy said there will be no case against Tejaswini.

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