Police Crack Attempt To Murder Case, Says It Was All Planned By Vikram Goud Himself

The attempt to murder case of Vikram Goud initially confused the police as they could not find any evidence at the crime scene; however after they changed their track of investigation, the truth that unravelled shocked his family and people alike.

Hyderabad: The policeA�on WednesdayA�revealed that it was Vikram Goud, son of Congress leader Mukesh Goud, who planned an attack against himself by hiring contract killers to gain sympathy and get out of his financial troubles.

The police, who arrested four of the accusedA�on Tuesday, paraded them before the mediaA�on Wednesday.

Speaking to media, Commissioner of Police Mahender Reddy said that it was all a conspiracy hatched by Vikram Goud himself. He chalked out the plan and made an agreement with the accused and promised to pay Rs 50 lakhs for the attempt to murder drama.

In fact, Vikram revealed the details of his involvement to the police, while at the hospital, as early as on the second day of his capture.

The commissioner said that he contacted the shooter through his friend. The CP revealed that the conspiracy was hatched six months ago and as a part of this, Vikram removed CCTV cameras in the house three months back. He also paid Rs 5 lakhs for the execution of the plan.

The CP said that Vikram brought the accused home in his car and took them inside after the watchman went inside his cabin. They bought a gun and bullets for Rs 30,000.

Vikram has allegedly asked them to shoot at him carefully.A� The accused escaped on a bike after the incident. A recce was also conducted before the actual incident took place.

The CP said that it was Vikram who guided them where to throw the gun after shooting.A� The city police has recovered the gun later.

Police have been suspecting the story from day one, as his wife Shefali constantly changed her version. As the police could not find any evidence relating to the incident at the residence of Vikram Goud, they changed the track of their investigation.

Police, with the information they had gathered in the case, held search operations in five States and arrested the accused. Another three are still absconding.

The police have booked Vikram Goud as A1 in the case and CP said that he would be arrested once he is discharged from the hospital.

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