Police Alert To Prevent Mudragadaa��s a�?Chalo Amaravathi Padayatraa�?

Police have taken all preventive to stymie the march of Mudragada Padmanabham. What will finally play out will be known only next Wednesday, the day of the padayatra.

Amaravathi: As the date of former minister Mudragada Padmanabhama��s a�?Chalo Amaravathi Padayatraa�? (July 26th) is fast approaching, the police department has sounded alert and has made extensive arrangements to prevent the march.

Police have taken under control all highways and roadways and deployment of security forces has been increased. Apart from this, police are holding meetings in villages with people belonging to Kapu community. The community members have been warned that action would be taken against those who participate in the padayatra. Section 144 has already been imposed in the district. Intelligence personnel have also become active in the district.

Warning by police is not limited to areas where Kapu community is in majority. In other areas too, police are using mikes to advise people against resorting to rasta rokos, dharnas or assembling without permission. Stringent action would be taken against them if they do so despite warning. Efforts are being made to deploy special police forces from other areas too.

Police officials have held review meetings in Rajamahendravaram Urban and all other stations in the district. The tour of Chief Minister to the area last Monday was cancelled. AP DGP N Sambasiva Rao, who toured in the districtA�on Wednesday, discussed this issue with officials. He too warned that stringent action will be against those who take up padayatras without permission.

In view of the last episode in Tuni, where violence broke out during Mudragadaa��s fast, police are taking steps to prevent a repeat of such incidents.

It is learnt that police are mulling over filing CID cases and take other bind-over measures against activists beforehand. Apart from house arrest of leaders, they are preparing to identify active participants in such incidents and file stringent cases against them in advance.

Meanwhile, the Garagaparru controversy in West Godavari district has become a headache for police. Former MP Harsha Kumar, who gave an ultimatum that he would resort to fast unto death if action is not taken against the Garagaparru accused, has been put under house arrest. The police are determined to tackle any kind of situation that may arise in the process.

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