PM to adopt Jayapur village in Varanasi


As part of the PMa��s pet scheme a�?Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojanaa��, Narendra Modi has chosen Jayapur village in his Varanasi parliamentary constituency on Friday. Interestingly this village was under the care of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh for the last three decades. The PM will spend two days in his constituency Friday onwards, for which the local MPa��s office is getting ready and the five prominent RSS activists are taking care about all arrangements.

Jayapur village is located in Rohaniya assembly constituency, which is about 25 kms far from Varanasi, has no single Muslim community family out of the total 4000 population. Most of the people in this village are from Bhumihar community. In fact, this village was adopted by RSS in 2002. Though there is no official word either from PM or from his office so far, the RSS and BJP cadre are making all decorative arrangements and the local municipal administrative staff is giving a face lift by removing garbage and clearing the wild bushes.

The Varanasi district police officials said that at least five or six union ministers are expected to come with PM for the two-day visit. Of course, the RSS leaders expressed happiness over the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana, but unhappy for selecting the villages caring by it. In fact, the RSS is taking care of around 900 villages across the country, and the Jayapur village is one among them.

The local RSS leader, Arvind Singh, who is district co-general secretary, said that after adopting the Jayapur village in 2002, the activists developed this village with plantations, satisfactory sanitation, promoting animal husbandry and taking care of childrensa�� education. Though there is no opposition from RSS for selecting this village by PM under the pet SAGY scheme, but in general strongly felt that the villages adopting under this scheme by MPs should not by of RSS caring villages.

Since most of the people across the country are attracted to the catchy words of Prime Minister, the people of Varanasi constituency and villagers of Jayapur are eagerly waiting to see PM in this village. Of course, it is the first visit of Modi after become PM. Once the PM adopted this village, the people are expecting over-all development and special attention which can remove all the hurdles.

A village which is having almost all 35 years long history of connection with RSS, is no becoming PMa��s adopted village.

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