PM Modi Offers First Puja At Kedarnath Temple

PM Narendra Modi has visited Kedarnath temple for the first time after winning 2014 elections. The temple was opened on Wednesday after six months of closure.

Kedaranath: : Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered prayers at Kedarnath temple, which opened on Wednesday after a six-month-long winter break. This is the first visit of the PM to the most revered shrine since winning the general elections in 2014.

The doors of the shrine were thrown open at 8.50 am amidst Vedic Chants. The PM took part in an important ritual inside the temple. He was the first person to offer prayers at the shrine after the gates were opened for the season.

The PM was accompanied by Chief Minister TS Rawat and other BJP leaders. Meanwhile, pilgrims were kept waiting because of the tight security until PMa��s puja was finished.

After the worship, PM greeted the main priest. He was presented with prasad and a replica of the shrine. The PM also met the pilgrims.

Modi took an aerial survey of Kedarnath after it was ravaged in 2013 by flash floods. The BJP government is hoping to get a boost from the Centre after PMa��s visit, said reports.

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