PM Modi advised against mentioning Balochistan

NEW DELHI: Was Prime Minister Narendra Modi advised not to mention Balochistan in his recent Independence Day address? Yes, say certain news reports.

While preparing the recent Independence Day address of Primie Minister Narendra Modi, some senior bureaucrats advised him against mentioning Balochistan, Pakistan’s agitated southwestern province.

But a couple of senior ministers, who participated in the meeting, chaired by the PM along with bureaucrats, insisted in favour of mentioning Balochistan in PMa��s address, say the reports.

“The bureaucrats suggested that mentioning Balochistan is fine, but the Independence Day speech is not a good platform for it,” said an official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, the reports say.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and Home Minister Rajnath Singh strongly argued in favour of mentioning Balochistan.

The Ministry of External Affairs declined to comment on the issue. The Defence and Home ministries too did not respond.

The PM in his speech said that the people of Balochistan had thanked him for bringing attention to the human rights atrocities in the region by Pakistani security forces.

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