Hyderabad, November 28: It is a sorry state of affairs in this country, when practically everything is politicized. All leaders and legislators, who are supposed to govern and administer morally and efficiently, are busy scoring points against one another. A couple of prominent examples: the body of Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao was not allowed to be cremated near Rajghat in New Delhi but despatched to Hyderabad ; and Narendra Modi is found fault with as he stands up to the Chinese and Pakistanis.

There- naming controversy over Hyderabad’s Rajiv Gandhi International Airport shows how self-cantered and parochial our law makers are. BJP at the Centre wants to retain NT Rama Rao as the Title for the domestic terminal, to demonstrate its support to the Telugu Desam party; actually, TDP would rather have the NTR name on the main international terminal building.

Amidst all this fracas, where does Telangana stand? Why were the people of this state not consulted?

Is not Hyderabad its principal city, to be completely declared in ten years’ time as its own capital? It is to the credit of a Telangana BJP leader that he has defied his party leaders by speaking up for the wishes of the people. From the beginning of the Airport controversy,

Kishan Reddy – president of the state BJP unit – has stood firm on the new state having a say in the renaming of RGIA.

Fair play and accommodation should dictate politics at all levels. If I am elected by the people’s votes, should not seek their assent when making important decisions? At least representatives of the people should be taken into confidence. All sections of this state have a popular hero – Komaram Bheem – a celebrated and revered freedom fighter and patriot, a legendary figure who sacrificed his life for the liberation of Hyderabad. Is there a valid reason for the ruling party at the Centre to bypass the citizens of Telangana when deciding on a question involving them?

But then, India’s morals have sunk very low. Rapists are condoned and supported, perpetrators of communal riots are felicitated, retrieval of black money is fought over and political extremists are ready to target the Taj Mahal. Given the quality of our revered politcians, is there any chance of justice for Telangana and its International airport?

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