Plastic Rice Panic Spreads To Andhra Pradesh

The panic of plastic rice has caught Andhra Pradesh and made the people suspect of rice and hotel meals affecting the hotel business and rice trade.

Hyderabad: The fear of plastic rice spread to the other Telugu State, Andhra Pradesh, with the dipping of business in restaurants and affecting rice traders. While Telangana government tried to allay fears in the State, rumours and messages spread through social media is creating panic.

Many people approached police to complain against the traders from whom they bought rice. According to reports, residents of Pendurthi in Visakhapatnam district went to police and complained that their children were suffering from stomach pain and other health issues after consuming rice of a particular brand. After receiving complaint the police have sent samples to the Food Safety Department for testing.

Reports from Vijayawada also suggested that some roadside stalls have stopped selling biryani as there were no buyers for the past five days.

According to news daily, the secretary of Rice Traders Association in AP said that as the cost of rice is cheaper than of plastic rice, there is no chance of selling plastic rice in the State. He also added that the State is considered to be the rice bowl of India and the production is quite sufficient.

Apart from this, an incident of plastic rice sale in the temple town of Srisailam in Kurnool district also created panic after some people complaint that a trader sold them plastic rice.

Experts are saying that it is easy to detect plastic rice, as they dona��t fall to the bottom when poured in water, while organic rice does.

They are also cautioning people not to get confused about organic rice being plastic, as cooked rice when kept for a long period accumulates fungus.

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