Plan to provide drinking water to all 12 civic bodies

  • 2,700km-long pipeline to supply water to households

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Government, in principle, has agreed to take up laying of 2,700km -long pipeline for providing drinking water to households in the jurisdiction of 12 municipalities.

GHMC commissioner B Janardhan Reddy, at a meeting with HMWS & SB MD Dana Kishore discussed the project on Tuesday. The contract for digging of roads would be given on conditions, he said. Drinking water would be provided to all the households under 12 municipalities from the existing reservoirs of Manjeera, Singur, Osman Sagar and Himayath Sagar and construction of 56 other reservoirs are being taken up to provide drinking water to all the citizens in the GHMC jurisdiction with Rs 1900 crore HUDCO loan.

The state government is planning to complete the project by May 2017 and the GHMC has accorded permission for digging of roads and also to restore them before May 2017, said the GHMC Commissioner. The GHMC and HMWS&SB are planning to take up the pipeline works in coordination with the Traffic Police and other all line departments to complete the project before the monsoon of 2017 to avoid problems. The GHMC Commissioner, along with HMWS&SB MD and other senior officials of the GHMC held a meeting on Tuesday in the GHMC Head Office.

Dana Kishore said this is the first time that such a big project is being taken up by the HMWS&SB and the project has to be completed by 2018 but as per the directions of the government, this project is being planned to be completed by May 2017.


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